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The big matchups in the SEC (Auburn/Tennessee, LSU/Georgia) ended up being yawners, but we learned a lot about all parties involved. Auburn and Georgia both looked fantastic in cruising to victory. Jason Campbell was very good for Auburn (I'm beginning to really regret the disparaging remarks I made previously...); he let the UT quarterbacks make all of the mistakes, and they made plenty. UT's inexperience at QB was going to hurt them at some point ... while Ainge and Shaeffer both look like good ones, they obviously weren't quite prepared for a game of this magnitude (or a defense like Auburn's). Auburn is clearly the best team in the SEC West, and with LSU going down for a second time in conference play, they should have no trouble cruising to the SEC title game.

With regards to the other game--Georgia not only asserted itself in the conference, but on the national scene as well. The Bulldogs are definitely national title contenders; I guess they were just waiting for the big stage before they worried about impressing anyone. LSU has too many issues at quarterback to be BCS contenders...

Did the Luckeyes' contract with Satan expire on Saturday? I can't think of any other reason for the loss to Northwestern. I mean, Nugent missing a crucial short FG in OT? Seems a little unusual, doesn't it? They'll be back, I'm sure, though this unscheduled L probably puts an end to any conference title hopes they had. Their matchup with Wisconsin next week should be intriguing, if not all that exciting to watch.

The Big Ten race should prove to be awesome. Minnesota, Purdue, and Wisconsin have looked good, while Michigan and Ohio State have already faltered. I really like the way Purdue is playing; Kyle Orton is fantabulous.

Oregon busted out the laser lemon against Arizona State on Saturday, but it was no use. Not only were the Sun Devils not permanently blinded, they weren't intimidated, either. ASU's looking like the team everyone thought they'd be last year.

So San Jose State gave up over 500 yards rushing to Rice over the weekend and still managed to win. They're probably running gassers right now...

The hits keep comin' for Louisiana Tech thanks to its tough schedule, but they finally managed to pull an upset. Ryan Moats, who is a whole lot of fun to watch, ran for 200+ on Fresno State. Check out Moats if you can.

How 'bout those Middies! Took it to Air Force in Colorado Springs, and they're 5-0. Big time win for those guys.

Another week, another embarrassing loss for ECU. Good call on getting rid of Logan because of perceived stagnancy; I guess that whole going to bowls thing was becoming tiresome for Pirates fans.

You know what gets funnier every week? FireDavidCutcliffe.com, that's what. Eli's departure has exposed an overall lack of talent at Ole Miss ... I would suggest bookmarking this one so that you can follow what is sure to be a hilarious ride through October and November.

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