NC State 89, UNCG 67

Four Factors NC State
eFG% 64.3 46.8
Turnover Rate 15.3 29.2
Off Reb Rate 21.4 43.2
FT Rate 39.3 17.7


UNCG 67 71.8 93.3 123.9
NCSU 89 71.8 123.9 93.3


Box Score

1st Half 95.9 50.0 24.0 31.3 21.4
2nd Half 148.2 78.6 7.8 8.3 57.1


NC State ran out to a big lead in a hurry against the Spartans but the Pack again had to endure an extended period of offensive struggle that saw UNCG crawl back into contention.  After a Farnold Degand three-pointer put NC State up 15 with about 10 minutes to go in the first half, it got painful, as it always does at some point for this group.  Misfires, turnovers, and defensive letdowns.

No such issues in the second half, as the Wolfpack knocked down shot after shot and did not commit its first turnover of the half until there were about five minutes remaining.  It was far too much for the over-matched Spartans, who continued to rebound well but also continued to turn the ball over in bunches.  Tough to overcome a double-digit deficit in effective possessions, especially when your opponent is using them efficiently.

Ten bad minutes, thirty very good ones and, overall, the Pack's best offensive performance of the season.

-- I think this Scott Wood fellow is gonna be all right.  After his 5-7 effort Thursday, his 3FG% is approaching respectability at .322.  A fine effort by Javi, who also scored 15 points on 7 FGAs, as well.  He's averaging more than 8 assists/40 and is now shooting 39.2% from beyond the arc. He's also quickly becoming one of my favorite players.

-- Jordan Vandenberg hurt his ankle during the pre-game shootaround and sat this one out.  We certainly missed his defensive presence in the paint and on the glass.  If he met the minutes requirement, his block rate would rank in the top 15 nationally.  The Macrowave took a shot to the chops in the first half and appeared to strain his lower back late in the second, but according to Sid he's fine.  Which, obviously.  It wasn't an injury, just an act of mercy.  The "strain" spared UNCG further embarrassment from sick fade away baseline Js. (Finessed that bitch. Hard.)

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