NC State 87, Holy Cross 70 -- In Which CJ Williams Loses His Job

Four Factors NC State
Holy Cross
eFG% 59.4 45.6
Turnover Rate 11.7 24.8
Off Reb Rate 32.3 40.0
FT Rate 18.8 42.1


HC 70 68.6 102.1 126.9
NCSU 87 68.6 126.9 102.1


Box Score

A sluggish first ten minutes for the Wolfpack, to say the least, though it wasn't for lack of opportunities.  Scott Wood missed a couple of wide open threes from the corner, robbing Tracy Smith of a couple of assists, and a few of the other guys decided to join the party.  Still, the game featured another enjoyable 50+ point second half even though Tracy was never at his best, so I'll call it a wash.

Frustrating tonight was our continued inability to make the bounces and loose balls go our way.  There's a talent issue at work here, but I swear it feels like the laws of physics and random chance are working in concert against us at every turn. 

Tracy did a nice job at the line but wasn't the presence on the boards that we needed, leading to more disappointing team rebounding numbers. Kudos to Richard Howell, who had seven boards in 12 minutes, for picking up some of the slack.

As for C.J., I think we've gotten to the point where it is no longer possible to justify his inclusion in the starting lineup.  Sid, post-game:

"Farnold did a great job today. He’s been playing well the last few games. We started him in the second half, and we came out playing much better. He gives you that speed and quickness. He was the difference in our team today. All of our guys off the bench did a great job."

I suspect that Farnold's strong effort, contrasted with CJ's goose egg, is the final straw.  I appreciate that CJ isn't forcing things, but there is a fine line between letting the game come to you and being too passive.  He was transparent out there tonight.  His outside shot has been nonexistent all season and he's not taking more than the occasional two, where he's actually been quite successful.  We gotta have more from the two-guard.  I don't know that Farnold is the answer--I'd bet on streakiness rather than consistency--but he deserves the opportunity to be that spark.

Maybe CJ can rediscover his identity by coming off the bench.  He was an underrated contributor to last year's team in that role, and for whatever reason, his transition to the starting five just ain't working.

[Bonus mini-rant: if we out-fouled Holy Cross by seven, then I'm the fucking prince of Egypt.]

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