UPDATED unc-ch players who will never beat NC State

Congrats, guys - we'll really miss you.  Actually, we won't miss the fact that on this list are some of the biggest assholes I've ever seen suit up in college football - we'll just miss whipping that ass.

Due to popular demand, let's take a look at the new 2011 additions to this growing list.  Congrats, ass-hats!!!!

Everett Withers (and yep - I'll hate to see him go, but yesterday sealed his fate - the Herman Cain of college coaching)

Casey Barth (and God, my high school better not make another Barth)

Charles Brown (this one's particularly satisfying - represents what's wrong with the program)

Zach Brown

Curtis Byrd

Quinton Coples (again - satisfying and amazing at the same time)

Carl Gaskins

Brian Gupton

Cam Holland

Mark House

Ryan Houston

Dwight Jones (woot!)

Trase Jones

Matt Merletti

Jordan Nix

Tydreke Powell

Devon Ramsay

Jonathan Smith

Christian Wilson

So one thing shockingly apparent when you review their roster is that they are indeed VERY young.  I've never seen a squad with so many freshmen on it in my life.  It's beyond comprehension that they were able to bring in the recruiting haul that they did in the middle of that mess.  The last symbol of CBMFD's (and Thorp's?) ethical issues here.

Regardless, see ya, bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's been nice pimp-slapping you annually...


Marvin Austin

Greg Little

Michael McAdoo

Devon Ramsey

Charles Brown

Jonathan Smith

Ed Barham

Kendric Burney

Bruce Carter

Shaun Draughn

Greg Elleby

Sam Ellis

Anthony Elzy

Mark House

Ryan Houston

Mike Ingersoll

Trase Jones

Mark Merletti

Zack Pianalto

Da'Norris Searcy

Jonathan Smith

Trevor Stuart

Quan Sturdivant

Ryan Taylor

Johnny White

Deunta Williams

TJ Yates


Damn - that's almost every skilled player out there.  I was thinking they were a young team, since we've heard that for 4 years now.  That's one senior-dependent squad, and one that's going to be rebuilding next year, regardless of what happens with the NCAA.  New QB, top 3 RB's gone, top DB's gone, top LB's gone... wow.  See ya, guys...

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