Liberty, Position By Position

Liberty beat writer Chris Lang's position-by-position previews are much more thorough than anything I could put together, so I'm just going to link to those.

As I've mentioned in the past, they're solid at receiver:

[WR coach] Skalaski said this is clearly the talented and experienced group of receivers that Liberty has had in his time at the school, which dates back nine years.

"At this level, FCS, you’ll be hard pressed to find four better ones," he said. "What’s nice is that they’re all talented and they’re all experienced. They’re all battle tested. The only thing we lost was Kyle DeArmon, a fifth-year walk-on guy. That’s the guy we’re looking to replace. Who’s the fifth receiver? That’s what’s up in the air right now."

The secondary isn't much of a worry either.

Liberty is so loaded at cornerback that the Flames were able to move Ayers to safety, his position from high school. He was playing cornerback at Georgia Tech, and his transition to LU was eased by the fact that LU and GT both run 3-4 defenses.

"No question, (the CB group) is as good as I’ve had, period," Clark said. "And I was at William & Mary, and we had some pretty good players there. This secondary has a chance to be very, very good."

Aikens, the Illinois transfer, has impressed the coaching staff not only with his cover abilities, but with his pursuit abilities in run situations.

Liberty has I-A caliber talent in several places, and this is a case in point. Ayers was a four-star recruit out of high school who left Georgia Tech for Liberty this spring. He quickly claimed the job at free safety, though he is light on both experience and size.

There are nagging questions elsewhere, particularly in the trenches. They have four new starters to acclimate at OL, and they're going to have to live with a downgrade in size from last season. Four of the five weigh between 275 and 285 pounds.

On the other side, the mountainous Asa Chapman is battling an injury that could keep him out of the opener or at least have him operating at less than 100%.

One quick note on terminology: if you look at the LB preview, you might wonder what the heck the "Adjuster" is. It's just Danny Rocco's name for the hybrid linebacker/defensive back that has become more popular in recent years. Rocco added that position to his defense last season in order to make use of a 3-3-5 stack defensive look. Call it a 3-3.5-4.5 defense, if you like. (We'll see some 4-3 as well.)

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