October Basketball Recruiting Update

A lot has occurred since the last recruiting post, so let start there. NC State got some answers on how the 2013 recruiting season is going to shape up. Torian Graham enrolled into a Junior College which means he is most likely off the radar for another two years. Sindarius Thornwell committed to South Carolina, the home school without taking his official visit to NC State. This really surprised me, I thought he'd at least check State out after listing us in his top 2. But it seems like the pressure to stay as close to home as possible was too great. Ishmail Wainright took us off his list and it never seemed like we were really in that battle.

So it seems NC State has struck out on an extra wing player for 2013. But as was mention during the last update Kyle Washington committed giving NC State a 4-year big who will develop under Gottfried. So the 2013 class has come down to four players:

Julius Randle: He is the big man on the recruiting scene right now along with Jabari Parker (who needs to stay away from Duke). It was thought that Randle was to be a lock to Kentucky but since the Harrison twins committed there it seems that talk has cooled. Which gives clout to the rumor that Randle did not want to play with the twins. So it looks like the twins committed to UK helped in two ways, it kept Maryland from getting elite talent at the guard position, which would make them extremely tough since they are set down in the paint. Landing the twins would have made Maryland favorites to win the ACC in 2013 but Maryland lost out so that is always good for NC State. Also it now has made the Randle to UK assumption die down. Now it will still be tough sledding for State to land him and no one really believes that State will actually get Randle. I think Texas and Kansas are going to be tough to beat out. Florida and Oklahoma are also on Randle's list but Florida already is stocked with talented bigs and Oklahoma doesn't have a lot of buzz around it now. It will be a long ride before this one is over and if you start hearing about Randle is going to shock the world, well thats a good sign for us. He still is not deciding until the spring and that is when State should get their visit, we gotta pull out all stops for him. Hopefully we get our center in the fall signing period so we can go all hands on deck for Randle.

Kennedy Meeks: You mean to tell me that seeing freshman basketball players do a rendition of swan lake didn't swoon you to a commit, meeks? Meeks visited the poorly named, Late night with Roy - which sounds like a really bad late night comedy stand up show; but did not commit. Meeks who is thought to be a heavy UNC lean didn't go ahead and wrap up his recruitment this weekend which either shows he just want to make sure or that he may is having second thoughts. I think its the former as he has been a UNC guy the whole way. I'd be surprised if he committed anywhere else but NC State is still going after him. He is the currently rated the best center in the nation but that is up for debate, its not a clear #1 ranking in my mind. He has good offense but reports say he is lacking in defense, reminds me too much of Sean May.

BeeJay Anya: From what I hear is that BeeJay is a Indiana lean, this coming from some of the posters on packinsider. But BeeJay already had an unofficial visit to State and has an official visit October 26 with NC State. Its going to be tough to be out Indiana who is currently ranked #1 in the nation and will lose Cody Zeller this year. But anything can happen and I think its safe to say NC State could be the 2nd team in this race right now, its always good when a player keeps coming back to your school for visits. BeeJay is a defensive player who has a very long wing span (7 feet 9 inches). He needs to work on his game but right now NC State can afford that since they have plenty of offense.

Dominic Woodson: I really thought he was going to commit this weekend. He even talked about the possibility of doing so.

"There is a good chance if I go there and really like it, but I don't want to say I'll commit this weekend, I still want to see what other campuses are like and what their programs offer me and all that."

So you can understand the excitement and the buzz around Woodson on campus this weekend. But that did not happen, which is why you never jump the gun on these things. But I feel like he will. He will decide in the fall, so within the next couple of weeks expect to hear something (fall signing period is November 14- November 21). He really enjoyed his visit, even brought his mom and coach down and they enjoyed it also. Woodson has a good combination of offense and defense so I wouldn't mind if he committed, looks like he still might. He is listed at 6'10 in some places and that is always a plus. He still visits Baylor and Oklahoma in the next two weeks. I think Baylor is our stiffest competition as they can reel in some recruits themselves.

Things are going to get very interesting in the next couple of weeks. With Anya visiting State the question will be if Woodson will feel the pressure to commit and will State make up any ground on Indiana for Anya. I highly doubt State lands both of them since they will probably be looking for the most playing time they can get. There aren't a lot of bigs in the 2014 class so we're trying to load up on them now. Which brings us to 2014.

Mark Gottfried had done a remarkable job recruiting so far. But its shouldn't be that surprising. This is what happens when you have a coach that kids want to play for, who runs an offense that kids want to play in, at a school that is traditionally known for its basketball. NC State has always been attractive to high talent, it just hasn't had a coach that could pull it all together in the last 20 years. Honestly Duke and UNC will see how important a coach is in the near future, UNC should already know. They did ok without a great coach but the years in between Dean and Roy were nothing like they are with those two coaches. Whenever Roy decides to hang them up, UNC will begin looking for another coach. They should fair better than Duke, who like UCONN, I expect to be hit hard when Coach K leaves. The school is nice, but its the coach that seals the deal.

I think the lack of success NC State has endured over the last couple of decades speaks to the quality of coaches they had moreso the quality of the basketball school that they are. They either had a coach that no one wanted to play for - Les Robinson; a coach that ran a system that no one wanted to play in - Herb Sendek, or a coach that wasn't quite ready for the job - Sidney Lowe. But NC State helped them recruit at a higher level than they normally would be able to. Mark Gottfried was able to recruit at Alabama, thats enough said right there. So he now has a school that is a traditional basketball school and he is a coach that knows what he is doing, who kids want to play for, and he runs a system kids want to play in. Now it doesn't seem too surprising as to why he has had as much success as he had so far in recruiting. But nothing is guaranteed, people wasn't sure if he could continue his recruiting success after year one, it looks like he has and will continue to do so. Winning basketball games will help also, if State start winning some big games then the recruiting will pick up even more.

I say all that to say as many of you know the Martin twins have committed to NC State for 2014, in what was much of a surprised to everyone. Days after they visited UNC they verbal to state. But thats not the end of the story, now the task will be to keep them at state as their friends start going onto official visits and coaches calling them, it will hard to keep them true. We'll see though as these two twins help State a great deal for 2014. Many people think that Purvis and Warren could be gone to the NBA after their second year, if so, there is currently no one behind them to take their place (except for Ralston Turner but he can't play two positions at the same time). The Martin twins will fill this role as one can play the two guard and the other the 3 and maybe even the 4.

Which is what many people were worried about because NC State is still recruiting top 10 ranked Theo Pinson for the SF position. If Warren and Purvis stay for their Junior year that will all but knock NC State out of the Pinson race. Duke is a favorite for Pinson and as it stands right now State is their toughest contender for Pinson. Pinson is a great in-state recruit and we'll see how this plays out, he was present at Primetime with the Pack. Unless one of the Martin twins (who are currently 6'6) grows to about 6'9 the 2 and 3 position will be backed up in 2014 if Warren and Purvis stay. Which of course no one is rushing Purvis and Warren out the door. But if one of them does grow, then that opens up a spot on the wing.

So for 2013 the roster is currently :

PG Anthony Barber, Tyler Lewis
SG Rodney Purvis, Ralston Turner
SF TJ Warren
PF Thomas DeThaey, Kyle Washington
C Jordan Vandenburg

Scholarship left -5

In 2014 the roster is currently:

PG Anthony Barber, Tyler Lewis
SG Rodney Purvis, Ralston Turner, Cody Martin
SF TJ Warren, Caleb Martin
PF Thomas DeThaey
C Kyle Washington

Scholarships left - 4

We have plenty of scholarships out there, I trust Gottfried to fill them up.

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