November Basketball Recruiting Update

So the 2013 recruiting class has cleared up and it looks like there will be drama in the spring much like it was last year. In last month's update I stated that BeeJay Anya was an Indiana lean. A month is like a lifetime in recruiting it seems. All it took was for Noah Vonleh to reclassify and commit to Indiana and now they are all out of scholarships. Leaving what happened today to occur, BeeJay Anya running with the pack. BeeJay is a great pick up for the pack who needed to fill out the big position for 2013 in anticipation of CJ Leslie leaving early and Richard Howell using up his eligibility. There was slight hope that State could double dip and take Dominic Woodson also but I believe they choose not to go that route and Woodson ended up committing to Baylor. BeeJay is only 6'8 but has a long wingspan (7'3). So think of a Richard Howell type except he doesn't struggle dunking the ball. That extra wingspan helps, ordinarily I wouldn't be excited about a 6'8 center but in this case its just fine. Its going to be fun to watch him go against Kennedy Meeks at UNC. BeeJay is known for his defense, blocking shots, and rebounds. Things NC State will sorely need once Richard Howell is gone. He can score but isn't polished there.

So now state has locked up Anthony Barber, Kyle Washtington, and BeeJay Anya. This is another top 10 recruiting class for Mark Gottfried and the first back to back top 10 recruiting class at NC State in a long time. Now the staff will devote its time to Julius Randle. I don't have much confidence in Randle coming to NC State but if he does we can thank in part Rodney Purvis. There is some smoke right now that State shares the lead with Texas. But as I said in the previous paragraph a month is like a lifetime in recruiting. Things change so fast and with Randle not committing until the spring a lot can happen between now and then. Randle would make this team huge players in 2013 for the national championship. I could imagine Gottfried enticing Randle with allowing him to play some of the 3 spot, or move TDT to the three since he loves to play on the wing. He can also sell Randle on being that missing piece and playing with his friend Rodney Purvis. UK will be the stiffest competition as the Harrison twins would be a huge test for Lewis and Purvis. After seeing Lewis in the first game, I think NC State can rest easy about his transition to college. Lewis is as smooth as they come and will have adjusted well by his sophomore year, he'll be ready to start. As of now the NC State 2013 Roster will look like this (this is not the projecting depth chart) :

PG Tyler Lewis, Anthony Barber

SG Rodney Purvis, Ralston Turner

SF TJ Warren

PF Thomas DeThey, Kyle Washington

C Jordan Vandenburg, BeeJay Anya

Scholarships left - 4

If NC state loses out on Randle there isn't anyone else they are currently recruiting to make up the loss. As for our rivals, UNC and Duke. They have a high hopes still for the 2013 class. For Duke there is the hope that Jabari Parker heads to durham. Parker was the number one player in the class but was recently moved down to second. He is a explosive player who can score at will, he'd be a game changer for duke. Hopefully though he decides to go to Michigan State. As for UNC they are hanging their hats on Andrew Wiggins, the number one player in the 2013 class. Wiggins bumped Parker from the number one ranking when he classified. He would be a pain if he went to UNC but currently it is thought that UK and FSU lead for Wiggins.

As for 2014 right now I think its real simple. If Warren and Purvis stay for their Junior year, Theo Pinson is out of cards, if they both leave or just one leaves then we have a shot. I just don't see Pinson taking a back seat at NC State. It would still be very crowded with the Martin twins already committed. So if Pinson did decide to come off the bench, it would be a choir keeping the Martin twins committed knowing that one of them won't see a lot of time as freshmen. As of now I don't see Jahlil Okafor, the number 1 center in 2014, coming to State as he most likely will go to school with Tyrus Jones who is the number 1 player overall in 2014. Since state already has Barber and Lewis who should still be at State in 2014, I doubt we'll be in play for Jones. The scary thing is that all three could end up at Duke. Grayson Allen is always a name to keep tabs on in 2014, he is a shooting guard that recently took an unofficial visit to NC State. If Allen is added it is likely that DeThaey would still be needed at the PF position. We will probably need another big in 2014, even if we got Randle he is a sure one and done. Leaving us with one center in Anya and DeThaey and Washington at the 4 with Washington having the ability to play C. Issac Copeland already has an NC State offer but is only a 3 star prospect at the moment. Expect state to go after some bigger fish before settling in on Copeland. Trey Lyles is a guy they are targeting, the number 5 overal player in the 2014 class and the #2 PF in the class.

This will most likely be the last recruiting update until the spring signing period, looking forward towards the season.

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