Profile of a Possible Savior: A Primer

Just as a reminder: this is all about providing as much info as possible on potential candidates. We are attempting to shed some light on the names likely to be passed around and maybe throw in some names that aren't as obvious.

I wanted to go ahead and compile a preliminary list of the guys that will hopefully end up being profiled. How much interest any of these guys have in State or vice versa...well who knows. Actually I do know but that is because me and Deb text as much as her and James Franklin and are BFFs too. And he better back off if he knows whats good for him...

Ahem, anyways (awkward) so here are the potential candidates and the buckets the fall into:

BCS-Level Coach (Current)

James Franklin (Vanderbilt)...yes I know he isn't a candidate but depending on how long this thing drags out, we might end up profiling him for shits and giggles. Cause everyone loves shits and giggles.

Butch Jones (Cincinnati)

Mid-Major Level Coach (Current)

Sonny Dykes (Louisiana Tech)

Mike MacIntyre (San Jose State)

Gary Andersen (Utah State)

Gus Malzahn (Arkansas State)

Rick Stockstill (MTSU)

Darrell Hazell (Kent State)

Willie Taggart (Western Kentucky)

BCS-Level Coordinators (Current)

Chad Morris (Clemson OC)

Todd Monken (Oklahoma State OC)

Pat Narduzzi (Michigan State DC)

Bryan Harsin (Texas OC)

Jay Norvell (Oklahoma OC)

There are obviously MANY other names, these were a few that that intrigued me along with some that are blatantly obvious. Open to suggestions folks!

Also, here are the basic categories that we used in the past and probably the template we'll be using again:

Important Questions, In Rough Order Of Importance:

1. Has he coached teams that have won a conference title, made multiple bowl games, and/or consistently been highly ranked?

2. Has he built a program from the ground up?

3. Has he substantially improved the program from when he took over?

4. Has he succeeded at more than one head coaching job?

5. Does he have significant high-major experience as either a head coach or an assistant?

6. Is his team one of the best in its conference right now?

7. Do his teams actually play, what is this thing called, "defense"?

8. Any indication that he can recruit ACC-level (or above) talent?

9. Does his offense run more than five plays?

10. Does he have any connection to NC State, the state of North Carolina, or the ACC?

11. Any other random red flags or positives?


Would he be better than TOB?

Would he be better than Chuck?

Would he take the job if offered?

How would I feel if he were hired?

How would the fan base as a whole feel if he were hired?

As always, I invite anyone that would like to contribute to help in the job. Happy coach hunting friends!

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