It's All Good: Seattle/Wilson vs. Washington/RGIII

What a good weekend! First, the State men's basketball team beats Western Michigan with a really good second half performance by C.J. Leslie. The first question is can anyone in the ACC stop Leslie? With John Henson gone maybe not. It could be Alex Lin, an agile seven footer playing for Maryland, or someone else I do not know about. The second question is can C.J. be like Mike, or Danny (Manning) or David? That is in a big important game score on almost every offensive trip for State. If so the sky is the limit for the Pack.

Second the State women shockingly beat St. Bonnie on the road. No, St. Bonnie is not a power house, but a win on the road for the women! Burke and Kastanek came up big for the Pack according to GoPack and State handed a St. Bonnie's basketball team a first loss at the Reilly Center. Next up for the Pack-Duke on Thursday. While the game is on ESPN3, I will be there at center court. It will be interesting to see how Duke feels about State after State knocked them out of the ACC tournament last year.

On a side note, I cannot write anything negative about the State women's team after they sent me a Christmas card with their sweet little faces smiling and a Santa hat on their heads.

Finally, I get my wish. Its Seattle at my Redskins next Sunday. The game will feature three of the top four rookies in the NFL: RGIII, Russell Wilson and Alfred Morris who ran for about 2000 yards (not really) against the Cowboys last night.

I am not going to get into stats as I am not as good as Akula and Omega with that. Here is what I think after watching the teams play during the regular season. Seattle's defense is better than the Redskins' defense although the Redskins' defense has improved over their early in the season ability to allow long passes for easy touchdowns. What the Redskins do is blitz all of the time-well-they did against the Cowboys and the Boys never adjusted.

RGIII is better than Wilson. Even with his bum knee he is fast, and he sells the handoff or not better than anyone.

The difference will be Alfred Morris. Did I mention that he ran for over 2 million yards against the Cowboys. He has tons of talent, but what really helps him is that RGIII is a magician with the ball. Last night the Redskins left DeMarcus Ware, a top notch defensive end for the Boys, uncovered and fooled him time and time again with a handoff or not to Morris and a run or not by RGIII.

Hey, I cannot lose in this one. The Redskins win and its my team. The Seahawks win and its my second team. However, its still go Potato Heads-that is the Redskins.

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