Moving On

I cannot help but think about the future of the basketball program and get really excited (hopefully this is enough closure time for tannofsteel84).

The next few weeks will be fairly agonizing as we wait to hear about any possible roster changes. Calvin may go pro. There have been persistent rumors that Zo may go pro as well, or at least "test the waters." I have also read rumors that Howell may go "pro" to Europe to provide for his young children. And it would not be totally shockig for one of the freshmen to transfer in search of playing time elsewhere. I've heard rumours about Harris, but maybe playing key minutes in a Sweet 16 game will give him hope for more PT next year.

On the positive side, we may get Amile Jefferson. We are also in the lead group for JUCO player Andrew Young, a 6-9, 235 pounder with offers from Oregon, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, and others. And there's still Torian Graham floating in limbo plus the possibility of an unexpected late addition (the 7-3 guy from De Thaey's old school, perhaps)?

Based on mostly speculation, I think Calvin is more likely than not to leave. But he is wired a bit differently than most, and the support he got from Gottfried, Yow, and others may lead him to stay even if the draft is viable.

I think (and hope) that Zo stays. He may also be anxious to start his pro career to help support family. But he stands to gain the most from another year. With another strong year at the PG spot, this time with lots of hype and recognition coming in, I could see him playing his way into the lottery. Gott strikes me as the type who will be honest with his players about whether they should stay or go, and I'm sure he'd advise Zo to stay.

If Howell truly needs the money, maybe he leaves, but obviously he needs another year if he wants any shot at being drafted. Next year he will play more at the 4 than 5 if Calvin leaves and that will help him.

I suspect we bring in one more player, and most likely it will be either Jefferson or Young.

So a very speculative starting lineup for the 2012-2013 Wolfpack:

PG - Zo SG - Purvis SF - Wood PF - Howell C - Vandy or Painter

Bench rotation: Vandy or Painter (whoever is not starting) backing up the 5, Lewis backing up the 1/2, Warren backing up the 3 (and maybe 2/4 as well), Jefferson or Young back up the 4. Harris, de Thaey, and Raymond could crack the rotation if they improve.

Looking beyond that, we will lose quite a bit after next year and so Gott and staff will need to continue to recruit at a high level and bring in guys who can help right away in the 2013 class.

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