Calvin Leslie Returns To NC State: Reactions From Around The Internet

Not long after Calvin's announcement on Wednesday, reactions to the news started to pour in from across the tubes. Here are a couple of the best ones:

Quick Thoughts On C.J. Leslie's Return [Jim Young, ACCSJ]

In the positive version of Leslie’s return to the Wolfpack, he becomes the most dominant big man in the ACC, as well as one-half of the ACC’s best one-two combo, along with rising junior point guard Lorenzo Brown. He also serves as a mentor and role model for the Wolfpack’s talented freshmen, showing that a) it sometimes takes a while for big-time talents to make an impact in college and b) there’s still something to be gained by sticking around the college game for a while.

Sounds good to me. Let's go with that.

With Leslie back, so are the Wolfpack [Eamonn Brennan, ESPN]

That is a very good, athletic team, one with talent in the backcourt, bodies in the frontcourt and an offensive centerpiece in Leslie, who in 2011-12 proved one of the nation's most adept mid-post and elbow scorers. His development should continue in 2012, and even for unbiased observers, it should be thrilling to watch.

Does C.J. Leslie’s return make N.C. State the preseason favorite in the ACC? [Ryan Greene, The Dagger/Yahoo!]

N.C. State should be very good next year: C.J. Leslie is coming back [Matt Norlander, CBS Sports]

C.J. Leslie's return makes N.C. State an ACC favorite [Mike DeCourcy, Sporting News]

As is often the case, I'm not entirely sure what Dickie V is talking about. Does he mean NC State is going to be one of the seven best teams in the country next year? What's he call teams eight through 14?

Reaction elsewhere on Twitter was swift, and rival fans tended to fall into two camps. Some expressed legitimate concern over the Wolfpack, while others simply took the opportunity to keep talkin' that talk.

Let's start with the sycophants!

There were a few of these because the sort of person who would write this kind of tweet is the sort of person who would struggle to remember which forwards are still on the team and ultimately land on McAdoo, who is the only one that came to mind.

MacaBEASTED! He should trademark that.

Seriously, next year is going to be awesome.

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