Wolfpack Brand Breakfast Links 5/18


Happy Friday, Wolfpack. On to the links.

Baseball took game one from Florida State last night in exciting fashion despite what turned out to be Carlos Rodon's worst night of the year stat-wise. Bad for Rodon is still pretty damn good, though, and behind the offensive explosion of Matthews (yet again) and a bit of help from Florida State's fielding the Pack was able to outscore the Seminoles 10-5. Friday night's game can be seen on ESPN3.com at 6:00pm and the Saturday finale will be on ESPN3.com at 1:00pm.

In baseball feature news the N and O ran a nice little piece about SS Chris Diaz's leadership on the field. It's a soft piece full of the sort of feel-goody-ness that sports editors like when there are no hard stories to chase, but I'll take any feel-goody about the Pack I can get. Especially when it comes from the N and O.

Kellie Harper has apparently been elected to the WBCA Board of Directors for next year. I have no idea what that is - according to GoPack.com, it "develops policies, procedures and regulations for the operation of the organization," so whatever that means. Sounds feel-goody. I'll take it.

In football news, GoPack.com has a video up about hall of fame Wolfpack coach Henry Trevathan. It really is worth a watch for all fellow football/Wolfpack history junkies.

In more football news there's an FS Carolinas article about Mike Glennon. It's more of the same silly nothingness that anybody who has even remotely followed Wolfpack football will immediately find trite and vaguely inaccurate at times, but it's out there. Apparently Glennon is an attention-starved kid who just wants to grow up to get out of daddy Wilson's shadow. Since throwing 31 touchdown passes isn't enough to do that.

Swofford is still ignoring the underlying issues that the other 10 schools Florida State has with the ACC. As much as losing Florida State would hurt the conference, and by extension us, I am beginning to nurse a tiny dragon just to the left of my heart that really, really, really wants FSU to leave Swofford stuttering in disbelief as his fantasy world comes crumbling down around him.

Men's Golf is apparently tied for 7th in the NCAA's, in the Ann Arbor regional. So that's cool.

Olympic sport of the day goes to Track , which earned 26 entries into the NCAA East Regional preliminaries. Track is an immensely confusing sport to me, but I know the more entries the better, so this seems positive. There's a lot of numbers in the article for those of you who understand that sort of thing.

The recruitment of Savon Goodman appears to be picking up. Getting Goodman either this year or next would be great for the Pack inside, because despite his height I feel that Goodman is physical enough to get it done in a Richard Howell kind of way. It all seems to be developing rather quickly, which I hope won't be a detriment to Goodman's college decision-making process. (Then again, perhaps too much thinking time is also a bad thing... looking at you Torian Graham, Amile Jefferson).

That's it for Pack news this morning. Not much news on this late Thursday night as I write, meaning that in the morning at 7:01am when this posts all hell will probably break loose on the recruiting front. Ah well. Have a great weekend and don't forget to watch the Pack this weekend if you get a chance - it's a damn fine team we've got here.

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