ACC Football Kickoff 2012: What Football Smells Like, Plus Other Important July Issues

July 22, 2012; Greensboro, NC, USA; NC State Wolfpack quarterback Mike Glennon (8) and safety Earl Wolff (27) during ACC media day at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro NC. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-US PRESSWIRE

Regrettable performance-related circumstances have done enough harm to the ACC's image in recent years, but the league has also been hurt by plenty of things outside its control. Like major Penn State scandal news dropping alongside the start of the ACC's football media event on Sunday. The Penn State stuff pretty much overrode everything else*** in the sports world throughout the afternoon, so no one was paying attention to Earl Wolff answering the question "what does football smell like?" It is unfortunate from all sides.

[***The ACC's coaches, who hit the interview grinder on Monday, went so far as to release a joint statement on the whole thing.]

Bubba Cunningham would mostly disagree, though. It started simply as a let-their-bad-news-be-worse-than-ours type of...rain dance, so to speak. The State College mess began dominating the headlines and he's been dancing a jig of sorts ever since. In fact, he recently hired someone to dance at all times, like the St. Joe's mascot of PR disaster avoidance, and so far so good, I'd say.


"Fuck it, let's shave some damn points; nobody's gonna notice!"

That's one of the new full-time positions they've added to the compliance department over there, by the way. It's jig guy and this other guy that sits in front of a massive DELETE TWITPIC button all day. No one is entirely sure what the button does when it is pushed without proper cause, but you'd best keep a safe distance from the toilets in the football offices.

A few notes from Sunday at the ACC Kickoff event...

-- Yeah, someone really asked what football smells like.

Thank Christ no one has asked Scott Wood this sort of question.

-- Mike Glennon once broke Bryn Renner's nose during a high school basketball game.

-- David Teel wonders if the ACC's stance on partial membership is softening...also, there was this exchange Sunday:

"Do you think Notre Dame will eventually be a member of the ACC?" Raleigh News & Observer columnist Caulton Tudor asked.

The room broke up as Swofford, that green tie knotted just so, grinned.

"Caulton, I couldn't hear the question," Swofford deadpanned.

-- Being a graduate student pursuing an advanced degree in [legitimate academic study] is cake:

Glennon returns to the Wolfpack as a graduate student, and he's pursuing his master's degree in liberal arts. He'll have a manageable nine-hour academic schedule, with only one course that requires him to be in a classroom setting. That's a three-hour block every Monday night.

Glennon took nothing but online classes last fall.

-- John Swofford just wanted to tell Mike Glennon good luck; we're all counting on you.

-- Really the big news of the day from an NC State perspective was the updated depth chart, which points to some significant changes up front. With Rob Crisp at left tackle and R.J. Mattes at left guard, that side of the line has the potential to be really good. Additionally, Moose Greene is listed--albeit as the fourth-stringer--which definitely soothes some fears regarding his situation. They could just mark that as a special "dog house" section, but I suppose fourth string sends the same message. I don't care what TOB's RB depth chart looks like; give me a Moose-Creecy 1-2 and an improved OL and our outlook gets a whole lot better.

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