ACC Power Rankings Week 8

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Well, well, well… I have to believe there is a pretty big smile originating from the conference office this week. I might go as far to suggest it is even bigger than the one the Swoff normally has reserved for his beloved Tarheels. Don’t look now but the ACC has 4 Top 20 schools, with 2 residing in the Top 5. In the middle of the league, some teams are starting to differentiate themselves, if by differentiate themselves you mean falling in the standings. We’ll reserve comment on the state of ACC Football in the state of North Carolina which appears to be rather non-existent.

1. Florida State (5/5) – The only question I have is how high do the Seminoles rank after they beat Clemson?  I think this will be close early, but a rather big win (10+ points) for the Noles.  But what do I know, I’m an engineer not a bookie.  Either way, going to be a great game this weekend!

2. Clemson (3/4) – I imagine the atmosphere in Clemson is already amazing, just don’t think the Tigers can handle the Noles and their QB.

3. Miami (10/11) – Hanging around the Top 10 and only the second best ACC school in Florida.

4. Virginia Tech (19/20) – From Beamer’s hot seat to the Top 20.  Putting together another good year.

This group is playing for bowl placement…

5. Maryland (NR/NR) – Escaped a crazy game against the Cavs to move to 5-1 overall.

6. Pitt (NR/NR) – Suffered a loss on the road at VT to fall to 2-2 in conference.

7. Georgia Tech (NR/NR) – Lost at BYU to fall to 3-3 overall.

8. Boston College (NR/NR) – Played Clemson tough, but did what was good for the league and lost to fall to 3-3 overall and 1-2 in conference play.

And this group is essentially playing for next season… And let’s be honest, does order really even matter here?

9. Syracuse (NR/NR) – Somewhere Jim B is smiling…

10. NC State (NR/NR) – If anyone needs a bye week, it’s this team.  Maybe when Mitchell comes back we can string together enough wins to move into the next group.  That or we beat a Top 3 FSU team, because that’s just what we Wolfpack do.

11. North Carolina (NR/NR) – Coming off a bye week.  Looking forward to the rites of fall – leaves changing, rental cars, and parking tickets.

12. Duke (NR/NR) – Took care of Navy, starting to refocus their attention to basketball.

13. Wake Forest (NR/NR) – Coming off a bye week.

14. Virginia (NR/NR) – Lost a crazy one to fall to 2-4 overall and 0-2 in the conference.

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