UNC-CH Game Thoughts from 19-AA

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Let's see if I've got the energy to do this...

  • Perfect day for football. Great tailgate weather, great food, great beer, great friends.
  • Crowd was oddly late-arriving, with the upper part of the North End Zone basically empty at kickoff. Also strange that the unc-ch band was given the upper deck of what's usually the student section (13?). Eventually filled in the end zone & everywhere else - but no idea where the hell people were at kickoff.
  • The guys were visibly pumped pre-game - and that carried through for... oh... about 5-7 minutes of game time. Hell of a start, but it was obviously driven by adrenaline.
  • Oh, boy - from there on... well, you guys covered it in the game thread pretty well. I honestly don't know if the problems are play-calling... or blocking... or skill positions... there's just nothing that seems to work right now, especially in the red zone. We had 5 scores, unc-ch 4... but you have to put up TD's when you can.
  • The lack of Underwood hurt... we made no attempt to do anything downfield. Simply not acceptable regardless. This is supposed to be BCS-level football... a non-diverse offense is just not gonna cut it. Period. Try something, DD - it's what you're paid to do.
  • The defense refused to cover a fucking soul in the middle of the field... all day. And despite pretty good coverage on deep balls, refused to make a fucking play on the ball... just refused. Ebron? Let's let him stand in the middle 10 yards down field unguarded. Jump balls? Let's watch while the receiver goes to get it.
  • Decent pressure on their QB today - trying to find something that worked - I guess that may have been it.
  • Not a ton of unc-ch fans there today... and generally very well-behaved... but boy, did I ever have bad experiences with a group of two and a group of three. Both just unacceptably loud & aggressive, given that it's an opponent's stadium. Try this shit in, say, Oakland, and you aren't getting out alive & healthy. The group of three was out in the parking lot accosting State fans as they walked back to their cars post-game... and, well, I got into it with them, with a number of "assholes", "fuck you's" and middle fingers thrown their way. Not sure how it would've ended had the wife not stepped in and literally shoved one 5-10 feet backward, yelling at them "knock if off! enough!". They got all wide-eyed and had no idea what to do... and backed down. I love her so... if I shove someone, I'm getting my ass kicked 3-on-1. They can't hit her. It was, however, a great eye-opener for her - she (being a unc-ch fan) wonders why I hate them so much - this was a great example. I've only had similar experiences with F$U fans... that's it.

That's all I got... man... just... well... I don't care anymore....

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