WBB: WarrenNolan, Recruiting, Freshmen, Colbie Caillat

In this FanPost I am going to have some fun with the predictions at for this year's State women's basketball team with their current success of record, take a look at how the different recruiting sites rank one of the best prep stars in North Carolina who lists N. C. State as a school she is considering, evaluate the play of two freshman on the women's team as to date, and have as a guest Colbie Caillat.

N. C. State's women's basketball team has after their win over LSU a RPI of 30. After week 7, gave State a RPI of 61, so one can see how much of a jump the team has taken by besting LSU. does predictions of where a team might finish with regard to their RPI, their overall record and in the conference. WarrenNolan predicts that State will finish with a record of 22 and 7 and a RPI of 49. With regard to the conference, WarrenNolan predicts that State will finish sixth with a 10 and 6 record.

In a FanPost published October the 8th of this year, I wrote:

With seven seniors, five returning players with significant starting minutes and six players who were rated as four star in high school by HoopGurlz, even if Kellie Harper were still the coach of the State women's basketball team, one would expect a finish in the top third of the conference. With new coach Wes Moore, an experienced coach with much success at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, one would not expect any less.

If WarrenNolan is correct in the predictions, how am i doing?

One of the star 2015 prep players in the state of North Carolina who currently list State as a school in which she is interested is Mone' Jones. How do different recruting sites rank Jones?

1. HoopGurlz ranks Jones as the number 44 player in her 2015 class giving her four stars and a grade of 92.

2. On the other hand, Blue Star Basketball ( ranks Jones as 5th in the 2015 class.

3. Full Court ( ranks Jones as number 33 in the 2015 class and writes this about her:

A very athletic player who has the ability to develop into a big-time small forward prospect. She can score from the perimeter on the dribble drive or with the mid-range jump shot. She has good hands and runs the floor well. A player with loads of promise. Must continue to develop in all facets to really be mention among the classes’ elite talent. - Kelvin Powell


Jones is a two sport athlete also playing volleyball. In 2012-13 season as a sophomre (sic) she averaged 11.4 points, 7.2 rebounds and 3.6 blocks per game.

Could she play for the volleyball team along with playing basketball-the seasons do overlap-so probably not.

4. Finally, ranks Mone' 13th in their updated elite 60 for 2015. ProspectsNations gives Jones four stars and writes this about her:

Quick Scoop: The 4 player out of North Carolina uses her size and skill as well as anyone in the country at her position. Jones produces every time she touches the court.

One can see that in the women's game, a player's rank can have wide variations.

Two freshmen on this year's State women's basketball team are five-eight guard Miah Spencer and six-one Jennifer Mathurin (due to the team photo I think she is more like six-three). Each of these players was signed by Coach Harper in the early 2012 signing period.

GoPack wrote this:

"Miah Spencer is a combo guard who can score and distribute the ball. She is savvy on both ends of the court and she is a terrific teammate. Miah is a winner and a competitor who has proven herself in big games.

"Jennifer Mathurin is a small forward who has the strength and ability to score around the basket as well as range to the three-point line. Her versatility is a big part of her game. Jenn is a mature young woman who should adapt quickly to our physical style of play."

Spencer, a 5-8 combo guard, was a second team all-state 3A selection as a junior after leading her Columbia High School team to a state championship in 2012.

Because Spencer was rated number 184 by Blue Star Basketball, I was not excited about her as a recruit. Neither was I excited about Mathurin who is from Montreal, Ouebec. After watching each play this year, I should have been. Spencer is the first guard off the bench, is averaging just over twenty minutes per game, is shooting .494 from the field (.476 from the three point line), and is scoring 9 points per game. Mathurin is the second inside player off of the bench just behind Daniels and is playing 11.5 minutes per game. She is averaging 3.5 rebounds per game, and in the LSU game I was more confidant of her play than that of Daniels. She will have a strong inside presence.

I have not been a big fan of Colbie Caillat, and as a matter of fact, when her "Bubbly" song was played, I changed stations. With the hit "Hold On" I have become a fan. "Hold On" is my current favorite pop song.

Now, guest Colbie Caillat singing her hit "Hold On":

And. By the way:


from SBAS2.

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