How's this thing gonna play out?!?

"Come on, Tampa-Pack, we can do better than that!" - USA TODAY Sports

Now that we've reached the middle of the conference season, how the heck is this ride going to end...

With the start of the second half of the season, I want to take a look at the rest of the games, and try to see where the ’12-’13 PACK would end up with respect to tournament seeding. The PACK currently sits at 16-7 overall, 5-5 in conference, and currently tied for 5th overall with Maryland and FSU.

2/10/13 - @ Clemson – I really have no idea how this game will turn out. I think (or is that hope) the arrival of Lewis as well as the chip on their should this team seems to be developing will be enough to beat Clemson. We really can’t lose any of these types of games anymore if we are going to finish 4th or better in the conference and get that all important bye. [Tampa-Pack’s pick: Wolfpack (17-7, 6-5)]

2/16/13 – vs. VT – VT is currently 2-8 in the conference, battling BC for the basement. A game we simply cannot and will not lose. [Tampa-Pack’s pick: Wolfpack (18-7, 7-5)]

2/19/13 – vs. FSU – I am writing this after watching FSU get run out of Winston-Salem, so I am not too high on the Noles. Another must game win to separate ourselves from a fellow 5th place team. [Tampa-Pack’s pick: Wolfpack (19-7, 8-5)]

2/23/13 - @ UNC – I don’t even know what to think about this game, given the polar opposite halves played in Raleigh. I think this is the game old Hess will make his return and it will be a LONG night. [Tampa-Pack’s pick: UNC (19-8, 8-6)]

2/27/13 – vs. BC – Another game against a basement dweller, another cannot lose. [Tampa-Pack’s pick: Wolfpack (20-8, 9-6)

3/3/13 - @ GT – Quite simply a game we shouldn’t lose as well. We all know how life is on the road for our Pack. [Tampa-Pack’s pick: GT (20-9, 9-7)

3/6/13 – vs. WF – Wake seems to be a better ball club than expected and obviously we owe them something. Should be plenty of emotion in Raleigh for what is CDB, and what is likely Calvin and Zo’s last home game. Oh no! [Tampa-Pack’s pick: Wolfpack (21-9, 10-7)]

3/9/13 - @ FSU – Seeing this game as a let down between our last home game and the upcoming tournament. Traveling to Tallahassee between those two events probably won’t bode well for us. [Tampa-Pack’s pick: FSU (21-10, 10-8)]

I predict ending the season at 21-10 and 10-8 in conference puts us squarely in 4th behind Duke, Miami, and whoever else plays well down the stretch (UNC?). I am still seeing a semi-final loss to either Duke or Miami (although with a fully healthy team and a break here or there, I think we could easily win the whole thing).

Depending on how we finish in the conference tournament I predict a 5 or 6 seed in the big dance. Again, knowing we really can beat anyone, anywhere this year, I am still predicting a Sweet Sixteen finish. I am afraid we will match up against a hot shooting team that can’t miss, you know good ole #NCStateShit.

Agree, disagree?

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