WBB: Year End Awards

I copied the awards list from GoPack and added comments shown in block:

Here is the complete list of basketball awards and recipients for the 2012-13 campaign:

ACC Awards
All-ACC First Team (Coaches): Marissa Kastanek
All-ACC Second Team (Blue Ribbon Panel): Marissa Kastanek
Kay Yow ACC WBB Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Marissa Kastanek
ACC All-Academic Team: Kody Burke, Ashley Eli, Marissa Kastanek

Academic All-America
First Team: Marissa Kastanek
Third Team: Kody Burke

Leader of the Pack Award
Marissa Kastanek

The awards clearly show that Marissa was State's best player, and yet Harper never featured her in the offense and mostly buried her in the lane setting picks for others.

Playmaker Award
Len'Nique Brown

What took Harper so long to make Brown the starting point guard? I wrote after seeing her in State's second game, against Auburn, that she would soon be the starting point guard; however, it took Harper about two thirds of the season to make the change. Brown, a transfer from USC, was a sophomore in eligibility, so she had been in the program for more than a year.

Chairman of the Boards Award (Top Rebounder)
Kody Burke

Kody not only led the team in rebounding at 7.2 rebounds per game, but also lead the team in scoring at 13.3 points per game. So what happened against Wake and against Georgia Tech in the Hoops for Hope Game? I attended the Wake game and after watching Kody play, I told my sister that she must be sick. In that game she went 1-10 from the field scoring 7 points and getting two rebounds. Kody followed that game with 26 points and 3 boards at FSU going 11-17 from the field-more like it. In view of this, I expected better in the Hoops for Hope game against Georgia Tech who finished 8th in the conference and went 14-16 overall. In the Hoops for Hope game, Kody played an unspectacular 15 minutes going 0-5 from the field, getting zero points and 3 boards, and falling down mid court with no one guarding here subsequently turning over the ball. Kody "where art thou" became the norm at the end of the season especially on Sunday afternoon games.

Doak Award (Top newcomer)
Markeisha Gatling & Ashley Eli

I thought it might take Gatling a while to adjust to Division I women's basketball after playing two years in junior college. Better stamina, more intensity and adjusting to playing against players who were as tall and as good as she was needed. It did take her awhile to adjust, but in the end she did. Looking forward to her play next year.

Sixth Man Award
Myisha Goodwin-Coleman & Len'Nique Brown

Goodwin-Coleman was the starting point guard for most of the season with Brown taking over this role late in the season. Both did perform well from the bench; however, Goodwin-Coleman was indefinitely suspended from the team for a few days for conduct detrimental to the team after losing her starting point guard position. To her credit she was able to rejoin the team and play well as a sub.

Most Improved Award
Lakeesa Daniel

Kay Yow Award (A person that exemplifies strength and excels from adversity)
Len'Nique Brown

Secretary of Defense Award (Top defender)
Krystal Barrett

Really, Krystal Barrett as Secretary of Defense. Did not see it, but that does not mean that she was not. With regard to her play, what I wanted was for her to Stop Shooting! With a field goal percentage of 0.314 (0.293 from the three point line), she shot way too much. During the telecast of the home game against FSU, Mike Hogwood mentioned that Barrett had made only one of her last thirty shots, and further commented with there is a reason why one is left open when Barrett missed a wide open shot from the three point line. Barrett biggest flaw was driving to the basket and trying to launch shots over taller defenders such that those shots missed badly. That she did not correct that flaw after two years was on Harper. Harper should have coached her to pull up for a short jump shot, and if Harper did, Barrett should have made the change. Barrett has a lot of talent and I expect much improvement with a new coaching staff absent a transfer-she is from Texas.

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