WBB: State Recruiting-Nyet


For 2013 recruiting, here are member schools of ACC women's basketball which rank in the top 20 of HoopGurlz: UNC number one; Duke number two; Maryland number seven (they are gone--who cares); UVA number ten; FSU number twelve; GaTech number thirteen; and Miami number fifteen. The conference as a whole recruited very well in 2013; however State did not.

For 2013, Kellie Harper recruited Miah Spencer, a five-eight guard rated number 184 by Blue Star Basketball and Jennifer Mathurin, a six-one forward from Canada and as such unrated by HoopGurlz or Blue Star Basketball. Coach Wes Moore has added Dominique Wilson, a five-eight transfer from Arkansas, who was a HoopGurlz four star player coming out of high school.

Additionally, the roster now list Julianna Prim--an amazing athlete--as a six-foot forward. Julianna will be discussed in detail near the end of this article.

Blue Star Basketball lists no commitments for State for 2014 or 2015. Because Coach Moore has stated that North Carolina will be the focus of his recruiting, a look at HoopGurlz four and five star players in the 2014 and 2015 North Carolina classes is of interest. Only Mone' Jones in the class of 2015 lists State as one of the many schools she is considering. Mone' is six-three, is a four star recruit, has a scout's grade of 94 and has an overall ranking of 18. Here is an evaluation of Mone':

EBA Super 64-June 11: One of the most impressive 2015's to date. Good size, length and athleticism combine with an already developing skill set to make her a presence on the floor. On the block or from the elbow her attack is quick and aggressive. She sweeps the ball on the catch clearing space for her explosive and extended first step. Her ability to put it on the floor gets her around defenders down low or up high and even shows some potential for wing play down the road. The left hand needs to come along but she's still willing to put it to use. Her build is solid with good strength and there's no hesitancy to utilize it on either end of the floor. She'll trigger the break off the boards or get out and run with the guards searching for the easy looks. Still lots of work to be done but the tools and work ethic seem to be in place. Should be interesting to see what she does with them. (Lewis)


An evaluation of Harper's recruiting indicates that she moved the N.C. State women's basketball team toward taller guards. While one of her first recruits was five-four Myisha Goodwin-Coleman, the remaining guards that Harper recruited absent five-five transfer Len'Nique Brown, were five-eight or taller.

Harper added five-eleven Breezy Williams, five-nine Krystal Barrett, five-eleven Erica Donovan (transferred after her freshman year); five-eleven Ashley Eli and five-eight Miah Spencer. Coach Moore has continued this trend with five-eight Dominique Wilson who transferred from Arkansas after her freshman year. While nothing beats talent, all in all, tall guards are a preference. Harper moved the team toward a roster of taller guards although her direction of the team did not have a desired outcome.


As written above, the current roster for women's basketball at GoPack list Julianna Prim as a six foot forward. As written above, Julianna is an amazing athlete. Why? Just read.

Julianna transferred to State from Pfieffer College where in 2009 and 2010 she was an All-American in the 200 butterfly, and the indoor female athlete of the year. She also earned a 4.0 GPA. She is currently State's record holder for the fly. She set the best time of 2:01.19 for 2012-2013 in the 200 fly against ECU and Campbell. With an archives search of N.C. State swimming and diving, one can uncover much more information detailing the success of Prim in swimming.

Prim, who was recently awarded a Carolina Panthers Scholarship, was also a 2012 ACIS Basketball National Championships Women's IM All-American! In addition to swimming very fast, Julianna can play a little basketball.

Finding Julianna Prim on the roster of the women's basketball team was a surprise. I can find nothing which details her move from women's swimming, where she has completed her eligibility, to women's basketball. If she does indeed play for State next year, I look forward to seeing her on the court.

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