Sbas Rates the NCSU Sports Blogs

The N. C. State sports blogs that are free and to the best of my knowledge not affiliated with the main stream media to be rated are in alphabetical order: Backing the Pack; Riddick & Reynolds; StateFans Nation; The Pack Insider and WolfpackWorld.

For the last few years Backing the Pack and Pack Insider have been in competition for the number one position in best independent NCSU sports blog. Recently Backing the Pack moved to the top with an upgrade of their layout having a picture as the background for the title of an article, the picture being related to the sport discussed in the article. Backing the Pack also provides more up to date coverage of non-revenue sports such as baseball, softball and women's basketball.

Pack Insider followed Backing the Pack's lead by also creating a very professional high definition layout using pictures as background for the title of an article. Further, Pack Insider provides the most comprehensive information with regard to men's basketball and football recruiting and has added articles which cover the State baseball team (who has not with State's recent success).

Despite Pack Insider's upgrade of their layout and up to date information on recruiting, Backing the Pack is reconized as the best State sports blog because of their Fan Post freedom. BTP allows anyone to become a member and publish their ideas instantaneously with or without errors of grammar and spelling. If you have something to say, BTP allows it! Further, the comments section of BTP allows for the addition of images and video's. Additionally, people who comment at BTP discuss things other than State sports, such things as Ford truck man steps and North Carolina barbeque, and are very creative in their comments.

Eons ago StateFans Nation was the number one independent State sports blog, but is now outdated. The layout of the blog has not changed and days can pass before something new to read is added. StateFans had their heyday when they were discussing Herb Sendek's sunshine club, but after Herbie took his love bug to ASU, the downward spiral began and continues despite its slowing during the Butch Davis scandal. For these reasons StateFans is rated a distant number three.

Riddick & Reynolds originally included articles on State sports which were similar to articles appearing in other blogs. However, Riddick and Reynolds found its niche in the Pod Cast. With the addition of the Pod Cast, Riddick & Reynolds secures fourth place.

I became aware of WolfpackWorld with this outstanding article entitled "The Night State Went All ‘Taylor Swift’ And Broke Up With Everyone". What hurts WolfpackWorld is this:

I have to be honest: there are other blogs that have for more insightful baseball news than WolfpackWorld. If I set out to write an article that would assure about 50% of my readers would tune out, I think I succeeded. Regardless, I believe in giving credit where it’s due.

and this:

For the next several weeks (until mid-late June), WolfpackWorld will be experiencing a drop in activity, and it’s not just due to laziness or the normal "Turd & Booger" season. Work is kicking up, trips are on the horizon, anniversaries are passing, and community volunteer work is mounting up. Yes, students take summer breaks and athletes enter the off season… so must WolfpackWorld take the occasional time off to deal with "the important things in life".

Have a good summer everyone! We’ll try to post new material and keep everyone posted with the baseball tournament and off-season happenings when we can!

Really! Really! One cannot have an article written by the blog owner in which errors of grammar or spelling exist, and one cannot quit adding material for a month. To be fair WolfpackWorld has resumed adding articles, but stating that they were going to stop for a period of time makes readers leave the blog.

For these reasons, WolfpackWorld gets last place, but like all the blogs I discussed, its still a good blog that I continue to read.

Disclaimer: BTP had no input in the opinions found in this article and the fact that I post at BTP had no bearing on BTP being found as the best blog. For sure. Really.

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