GARY CLARK: The offer that finally happened

Holy crap we actually have a photo of this guy. - USA TODAY Sports

We offered Gary Clark today. Now to most of you who don't follow recruiting, this may seem like no big deal, to the select few who do it's a BIG FRIGGIN DEAL. Gary Clark is a local ELITE talent out of Clayton. He's gone most of his high school career without a major offer. He's an undersized PF at 6'7" but with good wing skills, a tweener for sure. But he's an NC State fan who has been waiting for an offer. Now lets take a look. What makes him elite you say. Sounds kinda normal if you ask me... okay well during the high school season last year numbers like 20 and 15 15 and 30 40 and 20 were not uncommon when talking about his point and rebound production. This guy just produces. Video game numbers at that. But that's against triple A high school ball. So he joins CP3 this summer and then what happens.

He dominates. Here are some numbers form the EYBL tourney this past weekend the TOP AAU tourney in the summer.

Gary Clark dropped 24 points and 10 boards in a CP3 All-Stars quarterfinal win over California Supreme at the Peach Jam on Saturday. Leading scorer and rebounder in the game. LJ Peak (Georgetown commit), Theo Pinson (Tarhole commit), Shelton Mitchell (Wake Forest commit), and BJ Hill (NC State football commit) also playing for the CP3 All-Stars.

The CP3 All-Stars defeated Team Final, 87-82, this morning in a semifinal game at the Peach Jam. Clark had 20 points, 16 rebounds, and 5 blocks. Saw a tweet that Gary Clark was a "matchup nightmare" for Team Final and that he had two "monster" blocks at the end to seal the win.

Will Gott offer Mr. Clark? Clark has performed extremely well on the spring & summer AAU circuit.

CP3 lost to Each 1 Teach 1 in today's Peach Jam Championship game, 108-102. Gary Clark had another double-double with 20 points and 14 rebounds.

So as you can see he's a monster. But why did it take so long to offer? Popular theory is we had too many wing offers out there that were higher ranked and wanted to see where the chips fell and with Jalen Lindsey committing to Providence today it seems that was really the case... now for the whole evaluation what the "experts" have to say on Clark.

And by experts i mean youtube:

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