NC State's Top 10 Players In NCAA '14

Streeter Lecka


That was the most appropriate response I had once I saw the list. Every year EA's NCAA rates our players and EVERY year it feels like they get something wrong. Yet, as I've argued before, this represents a perception of NC State football. I tried here to match the ten players with their actual names* based on our official roster on Go Pack.

1. LG #62 Duran Christophe

2. DE #92 Darryl Cato-Bishop

3. WR #88 Quintin Payton

4. LB #34 Rickey Dowdy (who is no longer on the team and hasn't been for some time now)

5. CB #25 Dontae Johnson

6. DT #75 TY McGill

7. LT #78 Rob Crisp

8. DE #95 Art Norman

9. WR #80 Bryan Underwood

10. P #36 Wil Baumann (!!!)

So what does this tell us?:

- We suck! Whether by perception or by a realistic look at our talent the game predicts we will suck. Our highest rated player is an 87 out of 99 and on the O-Line...not a good sign. Better hope the Red Light is on when recruiting during dynasty mode.

- Christophe > Crisp? Payton > Underwood? I suppose some haggling can be made over these guys...especially Crisp vs Christophe...

- With 5 Defensive players...4 Offensive (including 2 OL) and a punter in the top ten...clearly our talent (in the game) will reside primarily on defense side of the ball. I predict Payton will be our one impact player on O while Dowdy and Johnson will be on D.

- With our lowest player rating at 83 in the top ten, the game developers clearly don't think very much of Creecy/Thornton or Thomas/Stocker. Its going to be tough to move the ball in the game but HEY at least "Bombin'" Wil Baumann can control field position for you...!

- IF Rickey Dowdy is really in the game, that may leave doubt that Brandon Mitchell or even the ineligible Brissett will appear at all. There is apparently a cut off time the developers use before finalizing the rosters and its not for sure that these guys made the cut if Dowdy is in it. So its entirely possible that for the 2nd year in a row, the starting QB in the game will not be State's actual starting QB. Also, the 2nd year an impact player on the team is no longer even on the roster.

I am the nut who ALWAYS plays online as State and will accept playing a dude who plays as Alabama just to see if I can win. So I am excited to play Doeren's system in the game but this development dampens some of the joy I might have had. I can deal with a bad team, I am ok if my team sucks perception-wise...can actually make for a more rewarding experience... but a lot of the fun of playing (online especially) is taken away when the roster has some glaring, prominent mistakes that aren't easily correctable. So...welp...

* Sometimes EA Sports gets the player numbers wrong (especially on incoming freshmen/transfers) sometimes you have to look at their other vitals like year, height/weight, hometown, which aren't available here, to determine what player they were going for.

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