NC State at the NC Pro-Am

So the pro-am has been going on the whole month and nobody has really been talking about it and the event has been less covered than it has in recent years, but alas it's still going on and we have players playing in it. So on to the story so far.

Beejay Anya: Dude is huge right now.. Somewhere around 330 pounds huge. With this being his first year in a long time not playing summer aau ball his body has not responded well. with that being said, hes a grown man in the paint. HE clears out the whole areas in basically one dribbled and can still move and be agile in the paint, and he can still get up to block shots and slam it home. Still With our style of play at his current weight and conditioning we'll be lucky to get 15 minutes out of him. I'm confident Mr. Alejo will work his magic and get beejay into game shape by october.

Trevor Lacey: Man 2014 can't come soon enough. Lacey is a pure player. cold blooded from deep. a solid defender, and can put the ball on the floor and get to the rack. He;s not the greatest ball handler though and subpar as a distributor so he's in no sense a combo guard.

Cat barber: He's Quick. He's Really Quick. He can get to the rack at will. He at this point struggles with proper decision making and gets caught up and is very turnover prone. He's more than likely gonna see time at the two with TL,

Lennard Freeman: He;s strong. He's a bruiser. He's plays at 100%. he's a four year player and has a lot to learn on the offensive side of the ball

Kyle washington: Kyle Washington is gonna be a star for us. He's getting bigger. And taller. He can handle the ball full length. great passer from the outlet and from the post. has a face up AND a back to the basket game. He showed a good touch form the three as well. He needs to get bigger and stronger but yea he's gonna be great.

Dez Lee: I've heard that he's staying away from the pro am and focusing on the up coming season and he's he's in the gym every day.

tyler lewis: Also no pro am.. Gottfried has encouraged his players to not participate this year because of certain hanger ons that attend these type of events, but he looks bigger and looks even a bit taller. he also play two games at the chavis summer league and dropped 40 and 50 in consecutive nights.

and now here are some of the highlights

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