2014 4* Recruit Abdul-Malik Abu Making Second Visit to Campus this Week

the Number 10 PF and 44 Player overall in the class of 2014 is making an official Visit this week to NC state Before his decision on saturday. The New Hampshire Power forward, made a Surprise Official to florida last night, after a unsuccessful First Visit last month State has been reported the leader for a while with the AAU Coach of Abu a big fan of the Pack while his Parents are Leaning toward florida. Abu was reported a Package deal with his Teammate a four star guard Jared Terrell To Providence, but it looks like providence has fallen out of the running with both Players with terrell narrowing it down between Oklahoma State and Rhode Island, and ABu Picking between State and Florida. Abu Made an Unofficial visit to State last month that went well and reportedly put us in the lead for his services. He was convinced to take some of his officials with Florida yesterday and it seems he's gonna use his official on State as well, Which does bode well for us. So here is the ESPN Run down of what ABU can do for us

ESPN Analyst
Updated 08/08/2013

Abu is a physical specimen with a powerful build and the high motor to maximize his physical tools. He's a bit of a throwback power forward type in that he's a banger who thrives by throwing his body around on the inside, crashing the glass, and doing the dirty work. He's also a gifted athlete who moves well for a player of his size, gets off his feet easily, and is consequently a very good finisher. His best attribute may be his ability to rebound out of his area in high volume on both ends of the floor.

His skill set leaves quite a bit to be desired at the moment. The vast majority of his offensive comes in immediate proximity to the rim, and primarily either in transition or off the offensive glass. He needs to work to become a scoring threat in half court games by developing a move he can utilize on the low post while also improving his ability to make short jumpers from the elbow or short corner. He has the body type to eventually be a good screener but currently lacks the knowledge of how to utilize that type of action.

Bottom Line:
Abu is player. He brings his lunch pail and goes to work every day. Slightly undersized (although he measured an inch taller at six-eight), he is very bouncy and produces some of the loudest dunks you will find on the high school level. He is very powerful and one of the true risers in the 2014 class.

Now Here are

two reasons i think we will get Him to join the pack

1. NCSU has been the one constant in his recruitment and our presences has never wavered.

2. Abu is a devout muslim. Raleigh has always been a Pretty tolerant place and it does have a thriving Muslim Community. and i think that's a definite selling point. Last time i checked.. they were burning Qurans down in Gainesville.

So as a normally do. I'm going to leave you with a sample of what i hope we will be seeing in a year suit up for the pack.

Abdul-Malik Abu Junior Season Mix (via HoopDreamsMagazine)

Does 6'7 Abdul Malik Abu Have Pro potential ? Top 60 in Country - Jr Season bbal highlights (via BallasTV2)

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