The #goacc Moment of the Week (1/18/2014)

Grant Halverson

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

We had a bit of a surprise winner last week from a set of outstanding choices, as Unfortunate Clemson Tattoo edged out Florida State's Championship T-Shirt gaffe. Hopefully with the impending doom that is the Duke game today, today's slate of #goacc entries will help put us all in a better frame of mind. Which is your #goacc Moment of the Week? Vote below!

1. Gerald Henderson gets obliterated by Victor Oladipo (h/t @bballvines).

Poor Gerald. This is not his first foray into #goacc territory in his post Duke career, either, as I'm sure all of you remember his hilariously errant pass a few weeks ago. I can just imagine Shao Kahn screaming out FATALITY as Oladipo smashes that dunk.

2. Someone apparently wanted to one up the Unfortunate Clemson Tattoo from last week (h/t @NoEscalators).

While Louisville is technically still not a member of the ACC yet, they are really embracing the #goacc mantra early. This is just taking the head tattoo to another level entirely. Good grief.

3. Jeff Bzdelik still doesn't understand basketball.

Despite the atrocious way this game ended, this glorious moment happened in the first half. Bzzzzzz was probably thinking, "Well, I thought we did a pretty good job passing in the first half."

4. Len Elmore loves the Black Eyed Peas (h/t @JamesCurle).

As I'm sure you all remember, this is not the first time Mr. Elmore broke out his singing voice on a live telecast. Elmore singing Top Gun and Top 40 hits? Sign him up for The Voice!

5. Akil Mitchell probably wants to forget the Duke game (h/t @SBNationGIF).

Mitchell had probably the most #goacc performance during an actual game to date this season. First, let's take a look at his free throw shooting!

Oh....oh no. How about we show Mitchell a replay of that FT attempt?

Virginia basketball player ponders existence.

Yeah, I think most UVA fans made that face too.

6. Jerry Stackhouse everybody! (h/t @the_Jameson).

I literally have nothing to add to this, except LOL. Excellent find, Mr. Jameson.

7. No, Maryland isn't bitter at all about that lawsuit with the ACC (h/t @sunjeffbarker).

I could make an entire post just about this, but if Maryland thinks they're going to win their countersuit, they severely underestimate the Ninja Swoff.

8. Swaggy P gets no love from the ACC (h/t @sbnation@sbnationNBA).

Swaggy P decided he was in a fightin' mood

This is just a total who's who of ACC alumnus. First, Nick Young takes issue with a really hard foul by Alex Len. Second, Ryan Kelly tries to help break it up initially, but backs off. Third, you have Kendall Marshall, who wanted no part of this altercation at all:

The Los Angeles Lakers everybody!

9. "Hey, I wasn't ready for that pass, Al Jefferson! (h/t @CardboardGerald).

Can you tell I'm trying to bring the team good mojo today by putting as many Duke #goacc moments as I can find? The face Josh McRoberts makes after that ball hits him his fantastic.

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