WBB: Next Big Test; Bracketology; Recruiting


After N. C. State's women's basketball team started 8-1, looking ahead to see who of significance State would play in the near future was undertaken with the intent of gauging how good the team is. The first test was a game against Northwestern on the road and in the Big Ten Challenge. State won that game 76-71. Northwestern is currently 12 and 6 and has a RPI of 77. All RPI's will be taken from

The second team that was considered to be a team that would provide a good indication of how good the current State team is was LSU. State played LSU on December the 20th at Raleigh. State beat LSU 89-79. Note that LSU is ranked 15th in the current AP poll and was ranked 12th when State played them. LSU has a current RPI of 4 and has a record of 14-4.

State's first conference game was against Syracuse, ranked 20th when State played them. Syracuse has an overall record of 13-5 and a current RPI of 15. State again passed the test besting Syracuse by a score of 67-61.

State currently has an overall record of 16-3 and a conference record of 3-2. For State to remain relevant in the conference race with undefeated in the conference Duke, Notre Dame and Maryland, State needs to pass the next big test, the next big test being a home game against Boston College, 11-8 with an RPI of 68, and a road game against Georgia Tech, 12-6 with an RPI of 40. The games will be played Thursday (BC) and Sunday (GT).

Georgia Tech will present a stern test as their full court press is relentless. After baskets, Tech gets into the face of the player in-bounding the ball and flies toward any player to which the ball is passed. In the recent past, State has turned the ball over significantly when playing Tech. State did defeat Tech at their home last year, but lost to them in the Hoops for Hope game.

Two wins and State is moving toward 10 conference wins; a split and things are dicey; and two losses-not good-not good at all.


There are still a lot of conference games to be played; however, Charlie Creme has posted a bracket for the women's NCAA tournament. Creme has State in Waco, Texas as a number five seed with Baylor being the number four seed and basically at home if not at home. The other two teams in the bracket are number 12 Florida Gulf Coast and number 13 North Dakota. State would have a 5-12 game; however, women's basketball is not like men's basketball. As such 5-12 match-ups do not mean the same.


Amber Richardson, a 2015 verbal for N.C. State, is now listed as being six feet by ESPNU. Other sites list her as five-ten and not that long ago, ESPNU did likewise. ESPNU has this to say about Richardson:

An elite level athlete with a developing basketball skill set to match. Still shoots the ball with a little push, but has tightened up a lot of her fundamentals over the last year. Physically gifted with the size and athleticism to play multiple positions.

Anna Wilson, Russel Wilson's sister, was in the past mentioned in a fanpost. She is one of the best high school basketball players in the nation. It was hoped that she would choose to attend State; however, she has committed to Standford:

Anna Wilson, a sophomore at Collegiate High (Richmond, Va.), is one of the best high school basketball players in the nation. The 5-foot-7 point guard, who has given a verbal commitment to Stanford, is also the sister of NFL star Russell Wilson. She has agreed to blog for espnW.

Taken from MaxPreps is information and a video of now six-five Akela Maize who is a part of State's 2014 class. Note that for the video, one might have to expand to full screen.

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