The #goacc Moment of the Week (2/16/2014)

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

I meant to get this up yesterday evening, but I spent most of the night trying to comprehend what in the hell just happened at the Carrier Dome. As Akula aptly noted, "Let There Be Sadness,' indeed. Oh well. Just another notch on the belt of NC State sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Anyways, hopefully this week's crop of #goacc entries will help cheer us all up. Despite a slow start out of the gate last week, Miami's inability to score around the rim last weekend proved to be a formidable #goacc contender among a field of strong challengers (we also broke the 200 vote count for the first time!). I think we'll have a difficult choice ahead of us this week as well. Which is your #goacc Moment of the Week? Vote below!

1. Mark Turgeon stomp of sadness (h/t @theBenSwain).

Hey, cheer up Turgeon. Y'all don't have to make any trips to Cameron Indoor anymore! That's got to be some sort of consolation prize, right? Speaking of that game...

2. This segment of the Maryland-Duke game is brought to you by Benny Hill (h/t our own @AkulaWolf).

If Chris Berman narrated this clip, he'd set the record for most "WHOOPS" in a 6 second span.

3. Another ESPN intern probably got fired yesterday (h/t @rellevent21).

That's interesting, Bristol, because I seem to remember reading that the Noles were busy crushing the dreams of Jeff Bzdelik last night. Pretty impressive that FSU can be in two different places at once!

4. The Ponders had a pretty interesting Valentine's Day (h/t @cjzero).

This is just spectacular. The look on Samantha's face is tremendous.

5. Prior to yesterday's game of sadness, Syracuse was busy committing an NCAA violation (h/t @mengus22).


6. Happy Valentine's Day from Wake Forest! (h/t @awbatchelor).

I thought the Demon Deacon mascot was married. Does Mrs. Deacon know about this date?

7. Tyler Lewis swats the hell out of Mark Thomas (h/t @the_Jameson).

Complete with the Mutumbo finger wag. This is absolutely perfect.

8. Raymond Felton is sleepy (h/t @netw3rk).

This is the New York Knicks season in six seconds of comedy. What a terrible franchise.

9. This is how Jamie Dixon uses his timeouts towards the end of a game.

He's just scribbling around! He even diagrams plays angrily. Someone get that guy something to take the edge off, pronto.

10. While Duke-UNC got postponed, the benches cleared during the managers' game (h/t @DMartinCSN).

Good grief.

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