WBB: State Loses to UNC 89-82

From GoPack:

The No. 10 NC State women's basketball team (22-4, 9-3 Atlantic Coast Conference) dropped a home game for the first time this season, falling to the visiting No. 17 North Carolina Tar Heels (20-6, 8-4 ACC) by a final score of 89-82 during the ninth annual Hoops 4 Hope game presented by Rex Healthcare Sunday afternoon inside Reynolds Coliseum.

All one needs to know is the following, again from GoPack:

Diamond DeShields led the way for both teams offensively, scoring a career-high 38 points on 12-23 shooting from the field (5-9 from distance). She and the rest of the Tar Heel squad combined to shoot 31-56 (55.4 percent) from the field and 13-23 (56.5 percent) from three-point range.

I wrote this in my post after the Clemson game:

DeShields, despite being a freshman, is probably the best offensive player in the conference. Alyssa Thomas is better all around as is McBride of Notre Dame, but neither has the offensive skills of DeShields.

If DeShields is allowed to score like she did against Duke, no matter what Gatling does, State will lose.

She scored 38!

Look, it is your day when you fall on your back and still make the bank shot and then follow that with a wild three that bounces off the back board and into the basket. DeShields did this.

State won the boards 40-30, had less turnovers 13 to 17 and shot 25 of 33 from the line compared to 17-20 for UNC. As a matter of fact, State stayed in the game in the first half when they shot 17-20 from the line. What hurt State besides UNC's hot shooting due to DeShields and Gray (5-7 from the arc) was State's poor shooting from the arc (5-25).

Those pink uniforms. Is the Hoops for Hope game putting too much pressure on State? In a big game like the one today, a team can come out on fire, or come out shooting poorer than normal due to the pressure. I saw the latter for State. They played hard, but just did not shoot well with Markeisha shooting 3-7 from the field-very poor for her.

What is it about UNC? Even when the State women were not world beaters they managed to beat Maryland 2 of the last 5, and managed to beat Duke in the ACC tournament two years ago, but they have now lost 6 straight to UNC. UNC is a freshman team. State is a senior dominated team starting three seniors and two juniors. State has the size inside and speed at the point. I guess we just do not have a DeShields. Could be years before State beats UNC in women's basketball.

Up next is Duke at Cameron. Duke played poorly against UCONN and Notre Dame, but do not look for them to do so against State. They like UNC know us as a team they should beat. Maybe we can change that. Hope so. If not, look for State to finish 11-5 in conference (24-6 overall). This would be way better than a tenth place pick, but not as good as hoped with a 22-3 and 9-2 start.

Poster's Note: I originally had the title as "Darn Those Pink Uniforms" but changed it because one might think that I do not support the Hoops For Hope game and the wearing of pink uniforms for the game. I strongly support the game and all that goes with it including the pink uniforms. However, I feel that there is much emotion surrounding the game because Kay was our coach and one of the Hoops For Hope games is being played at the center of the fund raiser-Reynolds Coliseum. I still kept a paragraph about the pink uniforms because I think the pressure and emotion of the game is a factor in how our team played-good or bad. State was by far good. UNC was just better.

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