The #goacc Tournament of Champions: the Elite Eight

Andy Lyons

The best of the best (worst?) have been selected after a rigorous process by the selection committee of one. Now it's up to you to help determine the #goacc champion of the season.

We're heading down towards the home stretch of the #goacc Tournament of Champions, and boy was there ever a major upset in the Sweet Sixteen. My goodness. By the slimmest of margins (one vote!!) , Maryland getting Bojo'd from the ACC Tournament has advanced yet again, defeating a staunch opponent in the Camerawoman from the Chick-Fil-A bowl. The rest of the Elite Eight is #1 vs #2 seeds, so the television sponsors have to be thrilled with that outcome. At any rate, let's get down to business. Help decide out of these matchups who will advance to the #goacc Final Four! You can vote here, or below in the embedded Survey Monkey window.


#1. Syracuse Benny Hill vs. #2. Will Graves busted for pot at Ol' Roy's house

The first of three #1 vs #2 matchups, the West Regional Final presents what's on paper is a tough one to predict. But come on, we all know there's no way Syracuse's Yakety Sax tribute won't make it to the Final Four, right? I'd be stunned if it didn't advance.


#1. UNC fan's car gets stuck on stairs near Tucker Beach vs. #2. #BattleCannon Xmas

Much like the West Regional Final, the Midwest Regional Final should be a lot closer than it probably will be. The #BattleCannon Xmas just missed out on a one seed during the seeding process, and unfortunately, got slotted in the region of the number one overall seed. I would be stunned if that UNC fan's car didn't advance to the Final Four, but maybe the #BattleCannon can conjure up some magic.


#1. Jim Boeheim's epic meltdown vs. #11. Maryland gets "Bojo'd" out of the ACC Tournament

As mentioned above, Maryland's hilarious end to the ACC Tournament, and their tenure in the ACC, moved on in dramatic fashion to reach the Elite Eight. All that stands between them a trip to North Texas is the titanic foe of Jim Boeheim's epic meltdown. Perhaps the ACC Digital Network's own Jeff Fischel summed it up best here:

Well said, sir. Perhaps Maryland's removal from the ACC is the #goacc Champion of Destiny. We'll soon find out!


#1. Wanking Roy Williams Cardboard Cutout vs. #2. UNC Wrecking Ball Bro

Sidenote: I think I laugh harder at that Roy Williams vine every time I see it. Anyways, our final #1 vs #2 battle should be the closest of the three. The UNC Wrecking Ball Bro is no pushover, and I see this going down to the wire. Out of all the two seeds, this one here has the best chance to advance to North Texas.

Ok, time to vote! Pick your winners here, and help determine the #goacc Final Four!!

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