The #goacc Moment of the Week (5/18/2014)

The NBA, where #goacc happens! - Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

We're back with another batch of tremendous entries for the #goacc Moment of the Week on BTP. Last week featured a close showdown between several worthy opponents, but ultimately, Mike Fox's strict rules on music at UNC's baseball games came out on top. I think we'll have a similarly close bout this week, as each of these are worthy of a victory. Which of these is your #goacc Moment of the Week? Vote below!

1. Philip Rivers gave the commencement address at Catholic University, but forgot something very important (h/t @JCash_Money and @JPollack85).

Come on Rivers - you made that look your own! Time to go with the YOLO BOLO every day.

2. Oh look, now we have canine superfans in the ACC, too (h/t @ClemsonTigers).

Good grief. Sadly, this is not the first instance of a dog being painted in a team's colors. Just look at this Alabama poodle. Now imagine the owner of this poodle seeing the Clemson dog. Here's what would happen: "HEY PAAAAAAWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE ACC IS COPYING THE SEC YET AGAIN WHAT YOU THINK IMMA HANG UP AND LISSEN."

3. This FSU fan attempted to troll SEC fans in the comment section of SBNation's link to the Jameis Winston surveillance video. It went poorly (h/t @K_Trahan).

Just a weak effort from the "vaunted" #FSUTwitter. (If you missed the link to the surveillance video from this continuously ridiculous story, head over here to check it out).

4. East Tennessee State University's football team is getting decidedly more #goacc (h/t @joshwgoodson).

Hey ETSU, the nineties called - they wanted their #goacc back. Also, thanks a lot for making me remember an incredibly mediocre era of football.

5. Tim Duncan just has one question for the rest of the NBA teams in the playoffs (h/t @BlkSportsOnline).

Safe to say the Spurs hit Portland with the Rock Bottom in the last round of the playoffs.

6. The ACC has another idea for scheduling "nonconference" football games (h/t @awbatchelor).

Does this mean we're just headed towards something like "The Atlantic vs Coastal Division Challenge" to open the season? Ugh. I'd make another joke here, but @awbatchelor hits this one right out of the park:

*shao kahn voice* Outstanding.

7. The new ACC logo is unveiled in the most #goacc way possible (h/t @McMurphyESPN).

Seriously? "SHHH?" Who in Greensboro came up with this horrible sign? And for the logo itself? Why did this need changing? It looks like a horrid airline logo. What they didn't tell you was that they came out with an alternate ACC logo as well that I discovered:

8. Someone want to explain why this is a shirt that exists? (h/t @PatrickClayborn).

Someone should send this shirt to Mike Slive.

9. Peyton Manning gave the commencement address at UVA, and of course threw passes to some of the graduates (h/t @DerekMedlin).

Scroll to about two minutes in to see Peyton lob some passes. Hey Mike London, maybe you should sign some of these kids for next season! Bet they've still got some eligibility left. Y'all might be able to win some games!

10. Tom Savage apparently underwent surgery to look like a famous actor (h/t @MarkEnnis).

Just imagine..."Nicolas Cage starring in, 'The Holy Trinity of Transfers: the Tom Savage story.'"

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