The #goacc Moment of the Week (5/26/2014)

"Waaaaaahhhh, I don't wanna be in the #goacc Moment of the Week!" - Scott Cunningham

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

Last week featured a down to the wire battle between several worthy opponents, that was ultimately won by the idea of the ACC scheduling games with other members as "nonconference" games. This winner barely beat out that atrocious ACC "best conference" shirt by a single vote. Moving on, we've got a great slate of entries this week, so sit back and enjoy this week's edition of the #goacc Moment of the Week! Make sure to vote below!!

1. Brian Kelly is pretty mad about Notre Dame's ACC scheduling mandate (h/t @DerekMedlin).

That sound you hear, Brian, is the world's tiniest violin playing for you. We all feel ohhhhh so very sad for poor, POOR Notre Dame. Give me a damn break.

2. So yeah....Mark Chapman everybody!!

This unreal display of Chapman showboating his terrible strikeout call shows just how little he was paying attention to Turner attempting to steal home. By the time Chapman realizes what's going on, Turner is at the plate. There's simply no conceivable way that Chapman saw Turner get tagged before crossing the plate. Even ACC umpires are terrible at their jobs. But wait, there's more from this game!

3. Elliot Avent wasn't too happy about Chapman's terrible call (h/t @the_Jameson).

Coach Avent had every right to be upset about that awful call. There's something missing from this video though....

Ah, there it is. Perfect!

4. Chad Ford, noted NBA analyst, doesn't know where T.J. Warren played college basketball (h/t @wldurgs).

You won't believe this, but as of the time of publishing this post, nobody has corrected this mistake yet from Chad Ford's Big Board post. Great job, ESPN editing department!

5. This guy (h/t @akulawolf and @GameDayCharlie).

Who shows up with media credentials wearing a jersey? Suns out, guns out I guess.

6. Here's Roy Williams hitting the craps table! (h/t @BustedCoverage and @gentz23).

Quick, add this to the Packpride flowchart!!!!

7. The ACC Baseball Tournament uses a Bat Dog (h/t @_JoshDGraham).

Absolutely spectacular. If I tried to ask Lucy to take pick up those bats, she'd hit me with her infamous look.

8. This Pitt student is pretty excited about being done with his undergraduate degree (h/t @BrianMFloyd and @IAMSpilly).

Well, this Pitt everybody!

9. Nate Irving lets us in on a secret (h/t @JusSayNate).

.....Oh. Alright then.

10. Russell Wilson, your thoughts on music? (h/t @JoshWGoodson).

#AllRussellWilsonMusicEverything? I suppose that works.

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