Sbas2, Again, Rates the Blogs

This year it is not even close. Backing the Pack overwhelmingly is the best. Rationale for my opinion will be set forth in a latter portion of this post. First, background on the basis for this post will be given. Last year I rated five blogs independent of the University and free to the reader which primarily cover N.C. State Sports. They were Backing the Pack, PackInsider, StateFansNation, WolfpackWorld and Riddick & Reynolds. Until recently, I was not going to rate these blogs this year, but due to the lack of new posts at some of the blogs, I have decided to again rate them.

This year because of the path Riddick & Reynolds has taken, this blog is not going to be rated with the others. Originally, R&R posted articles on sports as the other blogs, but in the past few years R&R has moved toward primarily Pod Cast. As such, R&R is not generic to the other blogs. In view of the preceding sentences of this paragraph, it is stated that Backing the Pack, StateFansNation, PackInsider and WolfPackWorld are going to be rated in this post as they are of the same genre.

Why is Backing the Pack considered to easily be the best blog of the four being rated? Last year it was a toss up between PackInsider and Backing the Pack. In view of "fan post freedom" Backing the Pack edged out PackInsider as the best blog with regard to those being rated. This year "fan post freedeom", a big plus for Backing the Pack, was not even needed. Here in detail is why.

StateFansNations: two post after June 8th and between June 9th and June 18th.

PackInsider: last post June 9th.

WolfPackWorld: last post May 7th.

Backing the Pack: at least one post by a featured writer or a fanpost guest almost every day.

I realize that this period for State sports is slow; however, as stated in some of my previous comments, I see blogs as media similar to main stream media. As such, a blog should post something new every day-preferably more than one post everyday. Hey, it's one's blog, but if I am receiving money by someone advertising on my blog, I definitely want to post new material constantly. I want to build my readership, and I do not want to irritate my readership by having them click on my blog only to see the same post for week(s).

Additionally, Backing the Pack through featured writers and fanpost writers covers non-revenue sports with post over forums much more than the other blogs. Non-revenue sports such as baseball, women's basketball and softball are covered in dept. Coverage of other non-revenue sports such as rifle, gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, golf and wrestling is also given although not in detail.

In the following paragraphs, I am going to detail why the blogs other than Backing the Pack received their ranking.

The best featured writers post for Backing the Pack and StateFansNation. Further, StateFans has updated their layout with bold titles in bright red or black ink. As such, StateFans moves from three last year to two this year. Adding high definition pictures to the layout would be helpful.

At one time, PackInsider had the best coverage of recruiting for football and men's basketball. Not so much anymore. With football recruiting covered by UMWolfpack87 of Backing the Pack, men's and women's basketball recruiting covered by featured and fanpost writers, baseball recruiting covered by featured and fanpost writers and softball recruiting covered by featured and fanpost writers, Backing the Pack has closed the gap with PackInsider. PackInsider still has a good layout with high definition pictures. Due to recruiting coverage and a prominent layout, PackInsider falls only to third.

WolfPackWorld. In a post in WolfPackWorld, the owner of the blog stated that BTP did not like his blog. I cannot speak for BTP; however, I am of the opinion that WolfPackWorld got this feeling from my last ratings post. I like WolfPackWorld. I go to this blog to read the post there and some of the five stars given to a particular post are given by me. I really like the revolving "sign post" used to post titles. This is the most innovative layout of the blogs rated. However, post at WolfPackWorld are too few and do not cover enough material. Of course, the owner may be doing exactly what he wants and has no desire to be an extensively read blog.

Another issue with WolfPackWorld is grammatical errors in a post. Such an error would be ending a sentence with a preposition. I think this is still frowned upon. Certainly, when I took English classes, it was. After writing this, let me state that I have made and make errors of grammar and spelling in my post and comments at BTP, and have "gone home with my tail between my legs" after being called out for making such errors. However, a person making a post can proof read a post over and over looking for such errors and correcting them.

In view of the reasons set forth in the last two paragraphs, WolfPackWorld remains fourth.

In conclusion the rankings are as follows: Backing the Pack first, StateFansNation second, PackInsider third, and WolfPackWorld fourth.

Editor's note: Sbas2 receives no monetary compensation or benefits from BTP. Sbas2 is a freelance blogger who chooses to post at BTP because of "fanpost freedom".


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