Three Burning Questions

Before I return to typing Fanposts covering N.C. State Women's Basketball, Softball, or anyone of the other non-revenue sports absent baseball, I am once again going to depart from covering those N.C. State Sports in an attempt to answer three questions, the answers of which are weighing heavy on my mind.

The first question is whether Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) can move from sniveling, whining drug head to action hero or anti-hero?

The second is whether Robin the Hoe (Cobie Smulders) can move from sitituation comedy co-star to action heroine?

The third is whether Scarlett Johansson can move from romantic comedy star to action heroine?

My answers are no, no and a Meg Ryan "When Harry Met Sally" yes!

In Breaking Bad Aaron Paul played whiney, crybaby Jesse Pinkman who had a nervous breakdown when he finally realized how horrible the actions of Walter White and Pinkman himself. Jesse (Aaron) recently starred in a "Fast and Furious" type of movie called "Need for Speed". I love movies, and I really liked all of the "Fast and Furious" movies with Vin Diesel; however, I avoided Paul's "Need for Speed" becasue I could not see Paul as other than Pinkman.

Robin the Hoe (Cobie Smulders) was a co-star of "How I Met Your Mother", a very successful long running situation comedy. If Robin was not hooking up with Barney, she was hooking up with his friend Ted. Of course, there were numerous other men before, after, and in between. I am not knocking it, and I am not overlooking Barney's escapades. It is what it is and I loved Robin. I just like calling her Robin the Hoe.

Cobie has been a supporting actress in "The Avengers" and "Captain America: the Winter Soldier" wherein she was an aid to Nick Fury. I did see the Captain American movie and The Avengers movie. In both, Cobie's character and acting as a heroine did not impress, and I never saw her as an action heroine. She was always Robin the Hoe.

Finally, Scarlett Johansson of romantic comedies such as Don Jon has played the Black Widow, an agent of Shield, in "Iron Man 2" , "The Avengers", and "Captain America: the Winter Soldier". I cannot write that I have been a big fan of Johansson until her move to action heroine. I find that her upcoming movie "Lucy", a movie I am really looking forward to seeing, will cement her position as an action heroine, or anti-heroine in the mold of Angelina Jolie especially when taken with her Black Widow role.

Any thoughts, any at all?

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