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Welcome to the NBA Tobias Harris!

  1. Tobias Harris got off the "not playing in the NBA" schneid today, as he played.
  2. He was glad to have the opportunity and reminded everyone that he could not have done this (playing in the NBA) without constant supervision from his mother and God.
  3. Coach Scott Skiles said that he played hard and that he showed effort and energy while definitely impressing the other team with his basketball IQ.
  4. He showed his ability to get points when he scored the ball through the basket with his hands after using his legs to jump the Tobias.
  5. He has room to improve as he has youth and potential to draw upon as he gets older. He'll need to lose his baby fat but someday he'll definitely get it.

Tobias Harris showing off the work ethic they talked about in the draft.


Here is another video as well with Tobias shooting at 2:00 in the morning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-eGGJcxmS0

Monday Items


So... how you doin'? This stupid month, I swear. If I hadn't been born in it I'd have no use for it whatsoever. Here's another football video: And a few quick notes: -- NC State is 11th in the...

Tobias Harris & Josh Selby in the McDonald's All-American Game Tonight


Vol signee Tobias Harris and potential signee Josh Selby

PF Jayvaughn Pinkston commits to Villanova


From what I believe is a free $ Rivals article... Pinkston was originally scheduled to make his college commitment before the Fall deadline but abruptly canceled the announcement. It was widely speculated that Pinkston was going to choose Tennessee. Asked whether or not Tobias Harris committing to TN effected Pinkston's final decision, Young (Pinkston's AAU coach) responded, "That's a better question for Tennessee." Young said that hopefully Pinkston and Harris will ultimately have an opportunity to play against each other in college but added, "But they will play against each other before then." Pinkston and Harris a scheduled to play against each other in January during the Big Apple Basketball Invitational, when Bishop Loughlin HS plays Half Hollow Hills West HS. "Let's just hope that someone doesn't claim to have a bad ankle before the game," said Young. Interesting.

Tobias Harris: A Good Reminder For Fans. And Recruits.


Honestly, NOW it makes sense... H/T: SpazSports Tobias Harris is learning a valuable lesson today in marketing.  He's already seeing how his decisions affect his reach.  And he's also learning...

That'll Happen, Tobias


Tobias Harris' Twitter followers before last night's announcement: Tobias Harris' Twitter followers this morning:

Tobias Harris signs with Tennessee


Rivals' #1 power forward and #5 overall player has signed with Bruce Pearl and the Vols, arguably the biggest recruiting get in the history of Tennessee Basketball.

Tobias Harris Makes It Official, Commits to Tennessee


The dream ends for Maryland fans, as Tobias Harris confirms the rumors and goes to Knoxville.

Tobias Harris Announcement Open Thread


Chat about Tobias Harris and his decision on where to play college basketball. Tennessee is the front-runner but Syracuse is in the mix.

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