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From contenders to ... hey, where'd they go?

Both Minnesota and Purdue got off to great starts this season, and both were Big Ten contenders just a few weeks ago. But Minnesota lost a heartbreaker to Michigan, and Purdue lost one to Wisconsin. Neither team has been the same since then. Both teams hit their respective low points this week, losing to lower-tier Big Ten schools. Minnesota put forth another lame road performance in a loss to Indiana, while Purdue managed just 10 points against Northwestern. Both teams now have three losses ... both teams will probably be out of the new polls.

There was plenty of action today--Miami and FSU went down; Oklahoma and Michigan were pushed to the brink. I've got to send my condolences out to Michigan State fans--up 17 in the fourth quarter, they had to have been assuming they had the W. When Michigan came up with the onside kick after they had closed the gap to 13-27, MSU fans probably started to get that "oh no, please don't let this happen" feeling in their stomachs. I've been there. The Spartans ended up losing in three overtimes. Ouch.

Florida State has been horrid the last two weeks. The fell down 14-3 at Wake Forest before coming back to win that one, and today they managed to revive Maryland's pathetic offense. Aside from a late Rix TD pass, the only touchdown the Noles managed was scored by the defense. Maryland really shut them down. I hope they're still slumping when they get to Raleigh.

Baylor knocked off Texas A&M 35-34 in an overtime shocker. After aTm scored in their first possession of OT, the Bears answered. Instead of kicking the XP, they went for two and the win, and they got it. Celebrate while you can, Bears. That 6-63 record against Big XII foes suggests you won't have any more celebrations this season...

As an aside, can someone explain to me why Guy Morriss left Kentucky for Baylor? I realize that UK was about to be put on probation, but he had a good thing going. Perhaps he felt that he needed to distance himself from the wrongdoing at Kentucky, or maybe he orchestrated a lot of the misdeeds and left in order to save his career. But if his career didn't die thanks to cheating at Kentucky, his record at Baylor is going a long way to end it legitimately. Baylor hasn't shown much sign of life under Morriss... (the Wildcats have been pretty lifeless in his absense, as well).

Another week, another sad showing by the pseudo-top 25 Arizona State Sun Devils against a ranked opponent. After being violated multiple times last week by USC, the Sun Devils lost 27-0 to Cal this week. They got no business bein' ranked.

With Miami and FSU going down, Auburn slides into the BCS title game Odd Man Out slot. Wisconsin should move up to #4 in the polls. I can't say enough about Auburn--they've been damn impressive. Jason Campbell has been fantastic (go figure). Oklahoma has one more regular season hurdle--at Texas A&M--and USC is about ready to put it on cruise control. Chances are those two will end up in the Orange Bowl, leaving the Sugar for Auburn.