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Off with you, monkey.

Finally got that Maryland monkey off our backs, and not a moment too soon--that thing was heavy.

The Terps appear to have serious issues offensively. Georgia Tech held them to less than 100 total yards last week, and I thought that was a fluke, but we did it to 'em again this week. This game was basically like each of the last four in this series (which we've lost)--we were up a tenuous amount of points in the fourth quarter, didn't score in the fourth quarter, and even turned it over in order to give them a chance to get back in it. The difference this time around was defense--they couldn't move the ball, so they couldn't make the comeback like they have in the past. We missed 3 FGs, didn't score TDs in the red zone, nearly allowed a safety and a fumble return for a score, and still won. This never woulda happened in the past. We've made far fewer errors in this matchup and still lost double-digit leads in the fourth quarter.

Thank you, defense. And thank you, Mr. Crappy Maryland QB (Statham or Steffy).

But what do I know? I didn't actually watch the game (on purpose, mind you). This not watching the game technique is now 2-0 (I also employed it when the basketball team traveled to College Park last season). Not quite enough to offset my road game attendance curse, which stands at 0-5.