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Kris Benson says ka-ching!

Okay, so this isn't exactly hot off the presses, but the Mets were able to re-sign Kris Benson to a 3 year/$22.5 million deal. That ain't making the Mets' trades with Pittsburgh/Tampa look much better, but at least they're able to hold on to the guys (which includes Zambrano, who wasn't an FA, so he'll be around in '05) who cost them so much.

The Mets seem well on their way to keeping that Marginal Dollar per Marginal Win figure high.

The more I look at that Cristian Guzman deal with Washington, the worse it seems. The poor Nats really overpaid for a guy who's going to have minimal impact at the plate. They'd better hope he has another good year in the field.