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The Year of the Turnover has ended...

And I ain't talkin' about apple turnovers, although I wish I were. Mmm ... apple turnover. Hey, I think I just had an idea for a gameday giveaway...

Where's the number to NC State's athletic department? If we have to endure three interceptions/fumbles per game, I think we deserve some sort of culinary compensation. Or at least a personal apology from Jay Davis to each fan after every home game.
"Christ, I'm terrible. I'm really, really sorry, Mr. Jones."
"Hey, thanks for comin' out, Ms. Newell. I'll try not to look so puzzled by the zone defense next week."
"Thanks for your support, Mr. Jackson. Those boos were just what I needed."
"Sorry about the nose, Mr. Stansbury. They really should warn the people sitting that close to the field--I mean, it's the twelfth row; you're practically in the huddle."

Eleven games, 32 turnovers. That, friends, is how you squander the nation's best defense (according to total defense numbers). The offense spent the year stalling inside the 20 or giving the ball away. We had difficulty enough moving the ball, and when we did, we more often than not did something to screw it up.

{Very carefully) On to 2005.