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ACC Park Factors

I've been familiar with Boyd Nation's college baseball site for a while, but it wasn't until recently that I stumbled upon his NCAA Park Factors page. He's got a lot of nice work in general on the site, and this in particular is something I've been really curious about.

It's interesting to see that most stadiums in the ACC are pitchers' parks. The list (PFs for 2001-2004):

Clemson -- 92
Duke -- 74
FSU -- 88
GT -- 94
Maryland -- 99
Miami -- 100
UNC-CH -- 85
NCSU -- 73
Wake -- 114
VPI -- 119 (elevation a factor here?)
UVA -- 89

(If you'd like an explanation of Park Factors, check the bottom of this page.)

So Miami, UMd, and GT are close to the middle as far as parks go, while VPI and Wake lie at one extreme and NC State and Duke lie at the other.

I had no idea that the Wolfpack played in such a pitcher-friendly park, but it makes perfect sense when I think about the dimensions of the place.

Another interesting note: if you compare the 1999-02 data with that for 2000-03 and 2001-04, you can see that the ongoing renovations to NCSU's Doak Field actually made it more of a pitcher's park. The PFs went from 79 to 77 to 72 (this is in part because of less data for the earliest numbers, but a solid trend nonetheless).

I'm not sure it is advantageous to be at either extreme when it comes to park factors, but it doesn't seem to hurt the Wolfpack too much.

There are some PFs you will never see in MLB--Air Force and New Mexico have factors of 166! Wow.