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ACC Weekday What Have You

Roy Williams still thinks the Heels can play better defense. The Heels have shown pretty significant improvement from last season to this season, and considering that UNC is one of the better defensive clubs in the ACC, he may be demanding a little too much. Or maybe Roy's attitude was what helped Carolina improve so much this season ... whatever Williams is doing, it's workin'.

Also in that article, Coach K discusses how his team is dealing with a thin bench that has forced Daniel Ewing, JJ Redick, and Shelden Williams to log a ton of minutes.

And Skip Prosser has apparently already begun lobbying for a #1 seed.

Unfortunately for Georgia Tech, it appears as though BJ Elder won't be ready for Thursday's game against Wake Forest. The Jackets have seen their NCAA prospects begin to slide, although I'd be surprised if they aren't in the field come March.

Shav Randolph--still recovering from mono--is takin' it slow. Which I guess means he's going to lay off the honeys for a coupla weeks.

The Charlotte Observer wonders: What's ol' Joey Forte doing these days? And apparently the answer is: playing as a reserve guard for Asheville's NBDL team. Rock on, Joe. Rock on.