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The hole, she is deep.

The season doesn't usually end in January, especially if you're 10-5.

But as previously mentioned, NC State is not even in the RPI top-100. The Pack sits behind schools like Coppin State (whom you may remember from such seasons as "2002-2003"), Tennessee State (4-9), and Southwest Missouri State (7-6). Dees eees--how do you say?--embarrassing.

NC State needs to turn it around immediately (like, say, Sunday) if it wants any chance at an NCAA bid (assuming it still has a chance), as it appears the RPI is not going to be on the Pack's side this season. Even if the Pack had beaten Miami FL coming into the Duke game, the Pack still would have been somewhere around #100 in the RPI, so even at 11-4 (1-1) NCSU would have a lot of work to do; at 10-5 (0-2), the requirements are that much more difficult. Looming winnable games against Virginia Tech and FSU don't do the team any good because both of those schools have terrible RPIs...