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How odd.

NC State's offensive efficiency, last three games:

at Maryland: 125
vs. Florida St: 111
at Clemson: 127

Today's win at Clemson makes two straight impressive performances on the road. It's just a shame the Wolfpack dropped the home game to FSU...beating the Tigers doesn't come anywhere close to offsetting the loss to the Seminoles.

The Pack was amazingly efficient against Clemson, shooting an adjusted FG% of 78% (62.8% FG%). Clemson shot right around their average after getting off to a pretty hot start.

Desite a rather unimpressive shooting night, the Tigers managed an efficiency of 111--they killed State on the offensive glass and they kept their turnover rate down (Clemson is the most turnover prone team in the ACC, but had just 11 against NC State).

Wolfpack OREB Rate: .130 (3/23)
Tigers OREB Rate: .389 (14/36)

Of course, the Tigers missed a lot more shots than did NC State.

And speaking of efficiency, you might could say Miami and Wake Forest are shooting pretty well through the first half. Shooting numbers thus far...

Miami adjFG%: 75%
Wake adjFG%: 61%

Not bad, eh? Miami was an impressive 10-12 from 3-point range in the first half, so once they cool off, the Deacs should assert control. The Canes are the third worst shooting team in the ACC (their average adjFG% on the year is 49.4%), so they've played just a skosh over their heads against Wake