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Oy vey.

FSU 70, NCSU 64

Only NC State could follow up a fantastic performance with a complete dud (at any rate, sometimes it feels that way). I'm just glad this one wasn't on television--it was hard enough to watch first hand. You probably wouldn't have wanted to watch this slow-paced affair, anyway. The game featured just 58 possessions for each team, which of course means (after noting the score) that FSU had one of their most efficient nights at the offensive end (their OFF EFF was 121; their average on the season is 101). NC State was right around its average, but thanks to a bunch of missed free throws in the second half, average wasn't good enough.

FSU came into the game doing a pretty good job getting to the line (their FTA/FGA ranks fourth in the ACC) and they did a nice job again on Wednesday night:

Seminoles FTA/FGA: .489
Wolfpack FTA/FGA: .460

Not a big difference, right? Well...

Seminoles FTM/FGA: .400
Wolfpack FTM/FGA: .260

Gotta give the Noles credit. Not only did they shoot well (48.9% from the field; adjFG% of 58%), they only had ten turnovers. FSU's turnover rate for the game was just 17%, which was well below their season average of 24%.

I knew NC State's tournament hopes weren't strong, but I honestly cannot believe they ended in this fashion. Never would I have imagined that we could lose to FSU at home.

Pictures coming later...