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Roger Clemens -- 1 year, $18 mil

After requesting a ridiculous $22 million, Roger Clemens signed a 1-year, $18 million deal with the Astros.

Clemens's move to the National League helped the Rocket improve his numbers significantly. Clemens's ERA in the five years previous to 2004 averaged 4.01--in 2004, it was 2.98. Now he's cashing in big time ... and unfortunately for the 'Stros, he won't be worth it.

Don't get me wrong--even at 42 years old Clemens is one of the best power pitchers in the league, but let's be honest: is he really going to be able to match 2004? Probably not. Even if he did manage a repeat, it's difficult to justify making Clemens the highest-paid pitcher in the majors.

With the departure of several key components of last season's team, Houston was in a bit of a predicament--they really needed Clemens back in order to have serious hopes for another playoff berth. So they could either overpay him or watch him walk. They chose to pony up the dough, and I don't really blame them.