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Weekend action.

NC State shoots the lights out in Clemson.

I almost feel sorry for Pete Gillen.

Wake and Miami play the most exciting first half you'll ever see, but the Canes couldn't match the pace in the second half.

Hokies prepare for trip to Durham tonight.

Sunday's big game features Georgia Tech and Maryland, both of whom are coming off huge conference wins. This one should be fabulous, as both teams are pretty similar statistically. Both teams like to play at a quick tempo.

GT adjFG%: 52.5
MD adjFG%: 50.3

GT OFF EFF: 105.5
MD OFF EFF: 104.2

GT DEF EFF: 83.9
MD DEF EFF: 91.4

The two teams have very similar turnover rates as well as FTA/FGA numbers.

The winner goes above .500 in conference and assures at least 4-4 through the first half of the conference season. I'm not entirely sure why, but I like Georgia Tech in this one (although I thought Duke would beat Maryland, too, and we see how that turned out...).