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Welcome to Durham.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Foul Play

Last night, the Virginia Tech Hokies played their first game in Cameron Indoor Stadium as a member of the ACC. You'll have to forgive them if they forgot to bring their vaseline--they didn't know any better. Thirty-four fouls and 49 Duke FTAs later, they know just what to expect on their next trip to Derm.

Duke FTA/FGA: .778 (Duke season avg = .406)

Yeah, it was like that. The Hokies were called for 22 fouls in the first half, and Duke attempted 35 free throws. Get this--Duke's FTA/FGA ratio in the first half was an astounding 1.129. That's right, Duke attempted more free throws (35) than field goals (31) in the first half.

Of course, that wasn't the only story:

VPI adjFG%: 39.8
Duke adjFG%: 55.6

VPI OFF EFF: 87.4 (season avg = 100.5)
Duke OFF EFF: 134.4 (season avg = 114)

All in all, a night the Hokies would rather forget.