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Friendly Confines

Maryland is markedly better at home than it is on the road in ACC games. Okay, so that's not much of a revelation, but I think the degree to which the Terps perform differently is interesting:

UMD's Road Offensive Efficiency: 94.5
UMD's Home Offensive Efficiency: 111.7
Difference (Home - Road) = +17.2

Road PPG: 73.9
Road Poss: 78.2

Home PPG: 85.1
Home Poss: 76.2

... which means Maryland averages 11 more points per game at home on two fewer possessions per game.

In 8 ACC home games, the Terps have not posted an offensive efficiency below 100. In 7 ACC road games, they have posted an offensive efficiency above 100 only once (in their win at UVA).

The next largest differential between home-road offensive efficiency belongs to Duke. The Devils are actually worse at home, posting a home OFF EFF of 110.5 and a road OFF EFF of 118.8 (diff = -8.3).