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The In Thing

NCSU 81, CPunch3-Less Deacs 65

You've got to give NC State credit. The Pack played great when they needed to do so.

NCSU's offensive efficiency for the game was 132.4, which is one of the highest OFF EFF's they've posted in conference play (if not the highest). Despite having and adjusted field goal % of 56%, Wake Forest posted a modest offensive efficiency of 106.2. That's not bad, but it's well below Wake standards.

Turnovers were a factor in the game:

Turnover Rate

NCSU: 13.1% (8/61.2)
Wake: 24.5% (15/61.2)

Wake was also sub-par at the free throw line, hitting just 10-20. State shot a more typical 13-16 (more typical than 9-22, anyway).

And Wake Forest didn't have the advantage on the glass that I thought they would...

O-Reb Rate

NCSU: 38.7% (12/31)
Wake: 36.7% (11/30)

So while Wake Forest shot pretty well from the field, they weren't particularly good in the rebounding, free throw, or turnover categories. Against a flame-throwing NC State club, that spelled defeat.

I didn't think NC State had this one in them--not without Bethel. Bethel absense ended up not mattering, thanks mainly to Cam Bennerman's 17 points and 8 boards in 34 minutes. With Engin Atsur having an insignificant night, Bennerman provided the guard production that State desperately needed. Julius Hodge and Ilian Evtimov were also fabulous...Evtimov scored 18 for the second consecutive night while dishing 7 assists (no turnovers).

Most importantly, NC State had to have locked up an NCAA bid with this win. I had all but tossed my dancin' shoes into the garbage, but I guess I'll need them after all.