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Back during football season, I had fun looking at the many Fire[Insert college football coach here].com sites that have been created by disgruntled fans.

Some of the sites were well done and even humorous (like, which has been taken down in lieu of Texas's Rose Bowl bid), but most of them were hastily designed pieces of crap.

It would seem that the selection for hoops coaches is somewhat less vibrant...although I'm sure I missed some, I didn't encounter too many college basketball coach-related sites. Here's what we got as of today: -- Rest easy, dear Wahoos, for the mission is accomplished. Gillen stepped down after another sad season in Charlottesville. This website may be the lamest on the internet. Check out where the "Cav Lowlights" link takes you... -- You've gotta give the Vols fans credit. Despite being football fans first, second, and third, they managed to reserve some excess angst for basketball...enough to start a website, even. The site protests, "Knoxville's basketball reputation is at stake!!!" which is clearly a very serious issue, as indicated by the use of the dreaded triple-exclamation points. But seriously--what reputation? We are talking about men's basketball here. -- Naturally. This site posts the contact info for several Indiana University administrators. You too can tell Chancellor Whats-His-Face that he dosn't knoe anything abuot baksetball! Ah, the power of the internet. -- Another very basic site that employs some unnecessary punctuation. Frankly, I'm surprised Snyder has survived long enough to make it to the angry website phase. -- A site almost as pretty as the man himself. Wait--can I say that without sounding gay? Eh, whatever. This site's creators have some sarcasm to spare. And some merchandise to sell. You can purchase a t-shirt for your dog. You know, just in case forcing your 4-year-old son to wear a shirt isn't enough. -- Ha ha. Good one, guys. Hang mean you're serious? You want to fire Tubby Smith? There must be some interesting logic behind this sentiment. Ah, here we are: "He has now loss to louisville twice. He barley beat msu and now he losses to georgia." Well, I'm convinced. I'm not sure what "barley" beating someone is, but I can tell you that it is not good. No sir. -- It's nice to see that the good ol' lunatic fringe (they hate it when you call them that) has put together a website with which to register its displeasure at the current horrible state of affairs in Raleigh. Seriously, if NC State makes it to the NCAAs for the fifth straight season in 2006, that'll just be the last damn straw! The message on the front page says everything you need to know: "Sweet 16! Thank you, Herb." The mob has dispersed for today, but they'll be back tomorrow. It's a terse message, but I would imagine that it is difficult to type while having one's foot lodged in one's mouth.

So there you have it. The end has already come for Gillen and Peterson, and I have little doubt that others mentioned here are not long for their current positions.