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When a 6-2 start is depressing.

The White Sox have jumped out to a quick start this season, winning its first three series of the season (including one against Minnesota, and that's always a good thing).

I'm enjoying the view from first place (however brief it may be), but this first week hasn't done anything to calm my fears about Chicago's lineup. Despite the success so far, the team's bats have been every bit as bad as critics of Ken Williams's offseason moves said they would be.

To date, the Sox rank 27th in the majors in batting average, dead last in on-base percentage, and 24th in runs scored.

Laughably-yet-not-surprisingly, the White Sox rank dead last in the majors in walks, having drawn just 10 free passes in 8 games. That's good enough for the worst BB/Plate App. ratio in the majors.

I know, I know--it's a small sample, there are a ton of games to be played, etc. What can I say, I'm always concerned about somethin'. The good news is that no one in the lineup has come out of the gates smokin', so the offense will improve...the question is how much it'll improve.

Edit: I meant to add that the Sox are already 4-0 in one-run games. That's the kind of fortune that the good ol' Sox are never able to sustain.